Saturday, April 1, 2017

Smacky Paws

 Hello!  It's Emily.  I'm  happily cuddled up in Mom's freshly laundered clothes.   It's great.  Everything is still warm from the dryer!   When Mom saw me she just sighed and said "thanks, Emily".  The only thing is she didn't sound very grateful.  However, she did some other chore so I could continue cuddling down.  
 Mom was off today.  She went to the mall to buy a new spring jacket with a hood.  Guess what?  She found one, too!   With the sales discount and her gift card she ended up paying just $30.00 for it instead of $125.00.   She had a rest in the food court with a delicious iced tea.
 What is the weather like in your area?  We have cold and hot temperatures.  We get lots of wind.   We get snow, freezing rain and then rain.   This photo is Mom taking a walk on her supper break.   She says when the wind is really strong the umbrella is no good to her at all.   (Which is why she wanted a spring coat with a hood)
 All this crazy weather means spring is coming!  The snowdrops are in bloom!
Mom thinks that this a tiny iris....excuse the blur.  She is still trying to get used to the camera on her iPhone!
 So...we felines also had an exciting week.   Mom thought it would be fun to photograph our smacky paws fight.  Only we did it so quickly that it was hard for her to adjust camera settings.
 I smack Winston.
 Winston smacks me back.  A flurry of paws.   There can only be one victor....
Winston takes a nap to deal with his sad defeat!  Girl kitties rule!

Sending purrs to felines and their humans !
Winston and Emily


  1. Love those baby blues. And how cute is the smacky paw fight. :)

  2. Uhhh wait. About girl cats ruling .... ~Faraday
    But that's pawesome about the coat with the hood!

  3. That's right Girls rule! :) Have a great week.

  4. You know we love a good smacky paw bout! Better luck next time, Winston.

    Your human got a great deal on that hooded spring coat! Good for her! And we love those spring flowers. We saw snowdrops in February, but haven't seen any since, and certainly haven't seen any irises of any variety!

  5. That is a fine round of smacky paws, fur sure. And our mom thinks that deal your mom got was pawsome. She's always on the look out for stuff like that.

  6. Well, obviously girl kitties rule! As if there could be any doubt about that (mol).
    We too are having ups and downs with the weather. That's April for you, Mummy says...

  7. Hi Emily and Winston, looks like you two had a good week. Shaky paw fights are a good way to relieve stress!
    Great deal your Mom got on her new coat. Looks like she will need a coat with a hood judging by this weeks forecast.
    Take care all!

  8. YAY on your Mom's great find!!!!! Love the smacky paws too! Mom saw some flowers just starting to come up (the stems, not the blooms yet), but the blooms just be soon! catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. It would seem your smacky paws are as short lived as ours. But we have fun!

    We're getting sunshine today so we're hoping to spend some time in the sunny room this afternoon. Have a great week efurrybody!

    Pee Ess: Mom bean says great score on the jacket!

  10. Your Mom got a great deal, now she has extra money to get you treats. :) Poor Winston.

  11. Yes, it has been windy! Since my hair is short, I put on a winter hat, and a scarf around my neck when I'm out walking. Actually, Emily...Winston was being a gentleman because he didn't throw his weight around!

  12. You two look beautiful even when you are smacky-pawing one another!
    Our Mama loves deals but we think yours got the deal of the century with that Spring jacket :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. You have gorgeous eyes! Great photos :) keep them coming! Henry