Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring flowers, showers and tussles

 Hello to you from Winston Kitty!  I hope you had a good week!   Spring is here.   We had some rain AND snow recently.
 A blustery spring night as seen from our living room window. 
 But the Mom said her walks to work are quite beautiful!   She saw this robin one morning.
 More snowdrops.  She loves them.
 She doesn't know the name of these teeny tiny purple flowers.
 Another mystery for Mom is one moment I can be kindly grooming Miss Emily.
 ....and then less than a minute later we can wrestling on the floor.  Can you tell which one is Emily and which one is me?  I didn't think so!  Mom says we are just a big blur of fur!   To commemorate the event we will leave nice big tufts of fur drifting along the carpet.  Little kitty tumbleweeds.  
 Hello purrs from Miss Emily now.   I can't explain why we end up tussling.  I think it's mostly because Winston sometimes annoys me!  In other news....Mom got a lovely birthday card on Friday.  I know her birthday was MORE than a month ago.   But the card was so pretty we both thought to show it to you all.
 Mom hadn't been on a visit with her friend, C, in several months.  Isn't this a pretty card?!  It's from the MCC (Mennonite Central Committee store Ten thousand Villages)
 Mom even let me investigate it for a little bit!

I will close with this photo of me with a yellow rose.   I gently sniffed it.  I appreciated it's beauty.   I won't tell you how Winston knocked it over earlier today and Mom had to rescue it!
Purring everyone a great week!


  1. We do the groom-n-wrestle too. It's just fun! And that's a lovely card.

    1. Yeah! We aren't the only ones.
      Winston and Miss Emily

  2. lovely lovely photos! Can't tell who is who though (but I'm dense lol), love your card! catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. Winston and Emily, you look fabulous! So glad your Mom is enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. Hopefully all the snow is now done!
    Have a great week everyone!

  4. Angel will attempt to lick Chuck's head, then whappy paws ensue! Must just be on every cats's agenda, Emily!

  5. Great tussle you two! Mom bean appawciates the pretty pictures of the flowers, spring has yet to arrive here yet.

    Pretty card!

  6. Kitties like to play fight, I guess that is what you were doing.

  7. A grooming session almost always degenerates into a tussle match within a few seconds here. We do love to wrestle!

    Spring finally seems to have arrived; enjoy the warmer temps and the blooming flowers!