Monday, July 21, 2014

Winston and Oscar touch base

 Hello folks and felines,
It is I, the Winston kitty, here to update you on our goings on as Mom says she doesn't really feel up to things right now.  I am showing you a couple photos of some little critters that Mom saw on her recent walks this past while.  She said they were delectable....What?  Adorable?  Are you sure?  They look delectable to me.  Oh well, to each her own.
 Here is a Mr. Bunny with bright eyes and alert ears.
 Here is a cheeky chippy.  Mom laughs when she catches a glimpse of these tiny dudes.  This one posed nicely for her.
 Hi all, Oscar kitty interrupting his nap to relate a few things.  Lately, I have noticed Mom doing some unusual things.  For instance, she went through her Christmas decorations and got out her angel candle holder.  Then, since Lucy got sick until now, she has kept a flame-less candle glowing at all times. 

 Then she bought a rose.  She has it in a crystal vase right next to the glowing angel.  She says it brings her comfort.
 She forced herself to visit with a friend in a coffee shop and ended up having a lovely time.  She says she even *laughed*!

 Mom says she has to be thankful for each small good thing right now.  That includes the sun shining through leaves.  She is also very thankful for each kind comment that people in blog land left on her last post about Lucy.  She wants to take the time to visit each blog and say hello personally but it might take her a bit.  We kitty brats, Oscar and Winston, want to remind everybody to hug their felines.
Sweet Lucy.  Cuddle Cat.


  1. It's so nice to hear from you boys...give your Mom some love from us. We've been thinking of you.

  2. We are sending lots of hugs. And understanding.

  3. Lots of nose taps and purrs to your human, as she works through her grief. Laughter is such healing medicine (and we're pretty good healing medicine for humans too).

  4. this was such a sweet, sweet post. I will take your advice and give Cody an extra hug tonight xoxoxo

  5. Wow, you actually photographed a chippy! They move so fast; all I ever get is a brown blur. The rose and angel are lovely, and Winston's floofy belly is a wonder to behold! Hubby and I had a 'date' at the local coffee shop; we just sat and talked and watched the world go by, and it was wonderfully relaxing and special. Glad you found a bit of laughter there too.

  6. Winston when Momma lost Abby last year she went through her Christmas things to find the angels she had and put them around Abby's ashes and also lit her flameless candles. Nearly one year later she still is doing that. Tell your Mom to be as gentle with herself as possible. It is a marathon not a sprint.

  7. We enjoyed all the pictures. We hope your mom will take all the time she needs to get through this sad time. There will be lots of time later to blog and read blogs. We are still thinking of you all and sending lots of purrs, hugs and nose kisses.

  8. Thank you for checking in, boys. Please let your Mom know that we send love, hugs, purrs and prayers of comfort.