Monday, July 7, 2014

Being Thankful for Lucy

 Lucy kitty is lounging on the back of the sofa as this is typed.  She is still her sweet, cuddly self  but not really eating.  I remember picking her up at a rescue shelter 11 years ago.  My heart hurting because I had lost my Bronte kitty.  I had been looking over all the strays in need of a home but, in the end, it was Lucy who caught my heart.  I picked her up and she curled up in my arms purring and not wanting to get down.  I called her a little heart healer.  It's a nickname I've been calling her ever since.

 Excuse my messy hair in this photo.  I've been sleeping on the sofa to spend more time with her.  I'm trying hard take good care of her and to make sure she is feeling loved.

The other evening I tried putting on the cat sitter dvd for Lucy.  She was the only one of the kitty brats to love this DVD.  She ignored it but, for the first time ever, Winston thought it was the best thing, jumped up on the dresser,  and tried to swat at all the helpless little video critter on the screen.  This little dude knows how to make me laugh.
There is only so many times you can tell someone you love them.  In the end, it comes down to the time you have spent with them.  Time you spent feeding, playing,  or even just hanging out and not really doing anything at all.  These all back up that phrase of I love you.  I'm glad I have some time to keep showing her that.
Thanks for your thoughts , prayers, purrs.  I've been feeling pretty under the weather lately so things in general are taking a bit longer.  The kitty brats send their bestest purrs and tiny head bumps.  Go hug your felines.....


  1. Lots of hugs, love, Light and purrs to you both. It's harder for the humans, because they anticipate grief. We're pretty much in the moment and so don't have the same perceptions and fears.

    The energy that is "Lucy" knows you love her, and that love is beyond the body, beyond time.

    Peace and Blessings.

    Nicki, Derry and Kim

  2. It wasn't that long ago that I held my brandi when she was put to sleep. It is very heartwarming to spend as much quality time with ANY cat. And not just at "the end". Lucy knows that you love her, and she was very wise to pick you, all those years ago.

  3. My heart goes out to you and Lucy. Sending lots of purrs and hugs.

  4. SHe is such a beautiful cat. I am thinking of you both!

  5. I believe the Lucy will always be with you, in your mind and your heart and the very atmosphere. I grieve with you, but she's never going to leave you. Hugs and purrs.

  6. Oh Lucy, Little heart Healer, we hope you eat a little more for your Mama, sweetie. Tell your Mama we are sending her love and hugs.Kisses and headbutts to you Lucy.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. This is how we want our cats,especially Duncan right now,to feel....truly loved. You are doing THE absolute best for that precious girl.
    Jane xxx

  8. Poor little sweetie! Sending you much love and good thoughts. Hugs.
    xo Catherine

  9. Sending much love and ((((hugs)))), it's so hard................

  10. Oh, we know how hard this is for you and our hearts go out to you. You are doing the most loving thing you can do for sweet Lucy. You both are in our thoughts and prayers. Glad to see that Winston enjoyed swatting at the TV screen and we are very happy he makes you laugh. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. I'm so sorry didn't been visited you lately, deal to my jail time.
    Sending hugs & love to you both. Lucy is precious and I'm sure sweet Lucy know how much you love her.
    Please take care