Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Musings

 Good morning all!   Oscar kitty here this morning to let you all know what is happening with us.   Mom continues to give me pain medication, she rubs in in my ear,  and I still (mostly) refuse to take the cosequine.  She has to sprinkle the powder in my food because  the capsule is so big but I know.  You can't trick me, Mom!  
Mom went for an early morning walk late last week.   She took some photos of some the things she saw.   One of the photos made me very on to find out what!
 There were lots of flowers.  
 This photo she took in a tiny park with a fountain.  She said the fountain was turned on finally!   I
 Look at this kitty!   Snuggled down on the sunny warm roof-lording it over everybody.   Mom took several photos but she liked this one because kitty noticed her.   Mom said she has seen this kitty climbing on the roof before and it makes her nervous   *sigh*  I wish I had a sun warm roof gutter to cozy up in.   Maybe if I give Mom my sweetest face she will buy a house for me so I can have a roof?!  I am going to start practicing my look right now!

Hope everyone out there has a nice week!  


  1. We have a roof but we're not allowed on a roof isn't as fun as it sounds.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    1. Not allowed on the roof! What!? Come to think of it, Mom probably wouldn't let me go on a roof, either.
      Thanks for the visit Real Maple Syrup Mob!
      Signed, Oscar kitty

  2. Oscar, you must have a picky palate 'cos I gobble down the wet food with my cosequin on it! Well, truthfully, I gobble down my foods, regardless...

    Yr Rickey Pal, Johnny xx

    1. Hello Johnny, I do have a discriminating palette. Mom says she wants to cry because I won't eat my food but I have yet to see any actual tears from her.
      Thanks for your visit.
      Oscar kitty

  3. Oscar, I think you've got the 'look' down perfectly!

  4. what lovely things your Mom saw on her walk, don't be jealous of the kitty, you are much more handsome than that kitty!

  5. Oscar, your look is tempting but somehow we think that even if you had a roof to scale, your Mama wouldn't let you scale it!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo