Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kitty Yoga

Kitty Yoga by cherithsky
Kitty Yoga, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.

Lucy kitty here. Mum is still on her staycation. She is staying super busy, though. I say if she wants to relax she should follow my example by doing some nice, slow yoga stretches. Perhaps a nap. Or some meditation-kitty style.
She did get a pedicure yesterday. Her toes are a fancy color and looks pretty. Mum said the lady buffed her feet so hard it felt like her heel was on fire. I think Mum understands now why us kitty brats are not so fond of claw clippings. It's a very sensitive area.
Lucy kitty signing off!


  1. Your form is quite impressive! We agree about the stretching and napping.

    See, now that's what's wrong with our human--she's never had a pedicure, so she doesn't understand how we DETEST having our claws clipped!

  2. What a nice blog! What cute pics too!

  3. Lucy I think that Yoga pose has made you even wiser about the ways of the world.
    I never thought about why cats don't like having their claws trimmed but now that you compared it to a pedicure done on the "rough" side...I totally "get" it!

  4. Lucy you are very flexible!!! We hope your mum had a good staycation and you all got to spend lots of snuggle time together :-)