Saturday, November 24, 2012

chillaxin bubba

chillaxin bubba by cherithsky
chillaxin bubba, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.

Oscar kitty here. As promised, us brat kitties are going to keep up with Mom's blogging type activities while she is on vacation. Though she calls it a staycation. Her first day off (Friday) was spent running errands and doing housework. She need to relax a little, I think. Here is a photo of me showing you uptight humans how to relax (she likes to call me bubba sometimes-NOT funny, Mom)
Signing off for now,
Oscar (Bubba) kitty


  1. You're a true sweetheart. I'm melting <3
    Hugs from Pernille

  2. DO look like a Bubba, Oscar!

  3. Oscar you are too adorable. Cats really know how to relax, don't they?

  4. well that is something special... how you kits manage total relaxation is something to behold! thanks for visiting us. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx