Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wild kitties and chocolate!

Hello from Emily.   I hope everyone is had a relaxing weekend.  Perhaps you may recall that last week I had a great deal of fun climbing onto the top of an extra mattress!

 I am a mighty huntress.  See how I stalk my Mom/prey from atop my perch which towers over my kingdom!
 Sometimes even mighty jungle kitties have to rest--right!  Well, my fun is now gone.   The old mattress is no more.  

The new bed is OK's comfy.   I do miss  being able to tower over Mom and terrify her at night by jumping down on the bed with a mighty thud!   *sigh*
So, the Mom had a fun weekend!  She went with some friends out for breakfast and then a bit of shopping.   Of course they went to a bookstore.  However, they also went to a Lindt chocolate outlet store!

 Behold-an entire bin of Lindt chocolate coins!
The Lindt valentine candy was also on sale.   Mom tried very hard to be good.  She just brought home 6 wrapped Lindt chocolates.  They were all flavors she had never heard of before like coffee, coconut and citrus!

 Hi now from Winston.   See how I guard Mom's present.   She is becoming another year older later this week.   Her family came early to help her deal with this by giving her gifts!  One of her presents was a new tea kettle !
Then, more shopping:

 Mom said she really wanted to buy this tin of shortbread for the kitties in kilts!  But she couldn't justify it because: (1) she already has two wild kitties and (2) the chocolates from the Lindt store were still in her cupboard!

 She fell in love with that large yellow mixing bowl.   It reminds her of her Nana's kitchen.   Her Nana had a wood stove and would sometimes make chicken and dumplings and homemade bread.   Mom said that homemade bread with melting butter is one of her favorite memories.  Honestly, kitties, humans are complicated all those memories from one yellow bowl!

 Mom was also quite twiterpated with this silly Easter bunny pillow!   I'm almost embarrassed on Mom's behalf!   However, I did approve of this fierce dragon puppet she saw at a toy store!
Fierce, yes?!

 Well, felines, I will close for now!   Our Mom had fun but all that visiting tuckered her out!
Purrs from Emily and Winston!


  1. Oh, we like that bed frame. It's quite pretty. But your mattress...! How could it get taken away from you? Such thoughtlessness. PS: happy birthday to your Mom.

    1. Mom says thanks! She likes the new bed, too!
      Miss Emily and Winston

  2. Our mom bean really likes the bed frame too. It sounds like your mom bean had a wonderful weekend with lots of time with furriends and family, and presents too!

    Have a great week!

  3. Hi Emily and Winston, looks like your Mom had a great week. Love your Mom's new sleigh bed, very pretty. I think you Mom showed great restraint in buying so few chocolates!
    Please wish your Mom an early Happy Birthday.
    Take care!

  4. We agree, that's a lovely bed! (Too bad about the old mattress, though, Emily!)

    Happy almost birthday to your mom, we hope she celebrates all week. It seems she's started off well, with presents and OMC, Lindt chocolate!

    Have a great week, all of you!

  5. Shame your tower is now gone. Happy Birthday to your Mom and hope she has a great day. Be good kitties.

  6. the second I saw that tin of shortbread I immediately went online to try to find it and it is sold out everywhere *sob* it is just too awesome! Where did you find it?

    1. Hi there-I saw it in a Marshalls/HomeSense store. The two stores share the same space. Those kitties are super cute.

  7. I would have bought those shortbread cookies for the tin in a heartbeat! Adorable! Happy Birthday, Emily and Winston's mom! March is a great month to be born in!

  8. It sounds like your mom and mine are simpatico regarding books and chocolate MOL Just add a latte or two and she'd be set!!

  9. Ooh! Meant to say Happy Birthday to mom!!

  10. HOLY CAT that tin is PRICELESS! And um, you had our mom at the words "chocolate" and "coconut'. Hope they were tasty!