Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Chocolate Day!

 Hello from Winston!   Our Mom is excited because in a few days, February 15th,  the Valentine Day chocolates will go on sale!
Meanwhile, Emily and I were happy that Mom decided to do some laundry!  There is nothing we enjoy more than getting our fur all over her freshly laundered, warm clothes!
In our area we have been getting some interesting winter weather.
 We got freezing rain one day.  Mom wore her boot grips.  These ladies, though, just avoided the sidealk.
 Mom says she would rather walk through a snow storm than freezing rain.  She did concede, though, that freezing rain can look pretty!
After the freezing rain we got snow!
 This is on one of Mom's walks to an appointment. 
We convinced Mom that to keep our spirits up she should keep out the Christmas light!  Don't you think they provide a nice, soft glow.  
 Turning on the twinkle lights is one of the first things she does when she gets home from work.
 Purrs from Emily!  It's my turn to cuddle in the laundry basket.  It's so cozy in here.  Only, I don't like that Mom keeps annoying me with the flash camera.
 Mom had to pick up some of her kitty food from the vet.  This is Bogart.  He lives at the vet's office.  Mom says he is a scalawag.  However, we think she likes his silliness.  
 Mom went with a friend to go shopping on Friday.  She found something called Woolzies.  These are lamb's wool dryer balls.   It's supposed to help with static cling.  Mom won't use dryer sheets because of the chemicals.  She can hardly wait to test these out!  They have received good reviews online.  After the shopping they stopped at a cafe for tea AND  a cookie.
 Another wintery view from inside.  Mom's weekend was very busy.  Between work, shopping etc.  She also got a new bed and mattress.  She also inherited her sister's old cell phone.  (her sister got a new phone for Christmas)  Mom says that days off can be tiring.

We will close for now.  I like this older photo of Winston and I on the table.  Give your humans an extra head nudge.   Purrs to all!


  1. Glad you are all doing well. Keep warm.

  2. Days off wouldn't be so tiring if she just stayed home with you two, Winston and Emily! Bogart is a cutie, however...

  3. Days off can be *very* tiring, but hurrah for a new bed and mattress, plus a new-to-her cell phone!

    The weather here has been equally...challenging. Your mom's right, though: it's easier to walk in a snowstorm than in freezing rain. At least you can slog through snow, but even with ice grips on one's boots, it's dangerous and difficult to walk on ice.

    We don't see a pic of the Woolzies! We do, however, see that yummy cookie! :-D

    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Emily and Winston, it looks like you enjoyed the last week. So nice of Mom to do some wash and let you sleep on the warm, clean towels!
    Glad your Mom got around safely this week. the weather has been crazy!
    Stay warm and safe!

  5. You are SO right! We're exhausted just WATCHING the humans on Caturday and Sunday! We're interested to hear about the woollies too!

  6. Oohhhh reduced chocolate! Mom is excited about that too.

  7. Mom bean says she thinks days off won't be so tiring when she gets all the days off. But that's a while yet. :(

    We kitties are pretty darn lucky. We don't have to go outside in the cold. And we get extra cuddles when the beans get home 'cuz they feel guilty.

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. your Mom has the BEST take on Valentine's Day that I have EVER heard or read!!! The day after, all of the chocolate goes on sale! Brilliant! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody