Monday, February 20, 2017

A Hint of Spring...and other things!

 Hello from Winston.  First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Family Day.  Here in Canada many people get the day off.  Our Mom was one of the people who did get the day off.  She was very happy to have a long weekend. It's like a mini vacation in the middle of winter.
 Typically, we have lots of snow.  This is on one of the routes Mom takes when she walks to get her groceries.   Brrrr!!!  I'm glad that I'm a cat and can cuddle on chairs and not have to trek over snow, ice and railroad tracks.
 This is the snowy view from one of our big windows.   Nippy weather for sure! I'm heading back to the chair!
 Mom is just adding this photo of a fancy hot chocolate because she likes chocolate.   She says it was especially good because of the whipped cream and and dark chocolate shavings.   Hot chocolate is a consolation prize for the bitter winds and snow during this season!
However, for the past few days we have been getting this kind of weather:
 Blue skies with lots of sunshine.  Our snow is almost gone!
 Hello from Emily!  My big news is that Mom got a new mattress!  Until she figures out what to do with her old mattress She has decided to lean it against the bedroom wall which is behind headboard.   I find that it's wonderful to climb up here and peer down at all the peasants below.   Mom says it makes her nervous having a furry little gargoyle watching her.   I have to would think with my "demon glow" eyes that Mom would be a bit more careful how she phrases things!  However, Mom does do a few things right such as....Straws!
 Mom found some wonderful paper straws with pink and white stripes.  She will take one out of storage and let it whap it around the floor for a while.  They are great fun.
 Mom likes to take photos of flowers in stores.   She especially enjoyed the soft color of this rose!  She doesn't often purchase flowers...
We hope that you and your humans have a great week.   Goodness only knows how much longer this early "spring-like" weather will last!

PS- Butterflies....really Mom.   I would whap them with my paw if I could.


  1. A gargoyle?! Emily, that calls for retaliation on your part. (BTW, when our human got her new mattress a few winters ago, we LOVED playing on the old one, propped up in the hall. Heh heh.)

    It's great to see the snow melting, though we still have March to get through and it can be a messy month, weather-wise. After this past weekend, we're spoiled by the warm temps, and a return to cool weather (today) is not welcome.

    Take care and have a lovely week ahead, all three of you. :-)

  2. Oh, enjoy the better weather. And the new toy!

  3. We sure hope there are sunpuddles to nap in Emily and Winston. We so agree we're glad to be cats and don't have to go out in the snow.

    Mom bean says the flower is so pretty. She loves the color too!

  4. Wow, you have so much snow. Stay warm inside kitties.

  5. Hi Winston and a Emily, hope you had a relaxing Family Day and your Mom got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Probably not so great for cats though as there is lots of snow melting making for very wet paws. A couple of the kitties that come to visit us left muddy footprints everywhere.
    Have fun with the mattress and your straws.
    P.S. your Moms hot chocolate looks delicious!

  6. You DO have a lot of snow! We are in the Detroit area and have none!!! We have hardly had any all winter!!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. Emily, you are the farthest thing from a gargoyle, sweetie! Your momma was just concerned that you may jump on her head, that's all. Did you jump on her? As Caren mentioned above, we have no snow, and rather warmish temps for mid Feb. We are no complaining, for sure!

  8. That hot chocolate looks so good. That mattress does look like a good spot to survey your kingdom.

  9. Something tells Us it would be great fun to jump down from the old mattress onto the bed. Especially if there is a human tummy to land on (mol).