Monday, December 5, 2016

Naughty, Nice and Everything in Between for the Felines

 Hello from Emily.   First off, after hello!, is that I'm innocent.  Regardless of any so-called "incriminating" photos, I am innocent.   Enough said!
It's starting to look like Christmas!  Purrs for ornaments and sparkly things.
 The pretty Christmas tree at the church Mom went to on Sunday.
 The Christmas market Mom went to on Thursday after work!  She found what she wanted and left!
 She was stoic and walked by the stall with the festive potato pancake and applesauce!  Maybe next year, Mom!
 Purrs from Oscar.   I'm here at my favorite snuggle spot.  Mom keeps my blankets and towels nice and clean for me.   She also puts the heat pack on my legs.  The teddy bear, Mom thinks its company for me.   I don't know about that BUT his legs do occasionally make a nice, soft pillow for my head.
Some nice lady gave the Mom a "gift certificate for a pedicure.  Mom was so excited.
 Mom chose a pretty color called Pompeii purple .  Except when her niece, A, saw the color she said it looked more pink.  Oh well.   Mom's toes were happy.  Also....
 We got more snow last night.  Mom says the snowflakes look like tiny stars.   Unfortunately, the snow will melt by this afternoon. for the "incriminating" photos.   Emily and Winston are having another showdown!  On the dining room table AND in front of the Christmas tree!!

 If they keep it up...I say Santa will fly right on over our place.

Winston here now!  Oscar is a bit harsh, I think.  I mean, looke at me here NOT whapping the tree.   Those ornaments sure are sparkly and dangly.
Purrs for a good week!


  1. Oh, there's nothing wrong with a bit of a tussle! And hey, it if takes out a few ornaments....oh well! That's the hazard of putting up a tree, even a little one. :-D

    Those are lovely trees at the church your mom went to. Actually, our biped's never seen such lovely trees at a church. LOL. Maybe someone is a designer!

    It sounds like you're all doing fine for the moment, the moment being all we have. Take care, have a great week, and purrs and peace to you all, especially to Oscar.

  2. I think Santa totally understands a show down from time to time..

    and I've heard bears make awesome bedfellows :)

  3. OH! Pompeii Purple is my FAVORITE nail color! And yes, it's a bit pink, but the iridescence is purple. Oscar, big guy, stay toasty and snuggly, and you two floofy kitties...Behave!

  4. That's quite the boxing match, Emily and Winston. But, better than biting. Be good...Santa's watching.

  5. Everyone is entitled to a little fight once in awhile. No real damage done and things calm down. Oscar you look very comfy and cosy. Your Mom is so nice to put heat packs on your legs. Our kitties got to lay on a heating pad when I was growing up. Must keep the kitties warm!
    You all have a wonderful week.

  6. We think Santa is a pretty understanding guy. We're pawsitive he knows we kitties need to burn off some energy sometimes.

    Enjoy your cozy spot Oscar. Have fun Winston and Emily!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. You kitties are having a fun week. Santa will be kind to you I am sure.

  8. We are sure Santa Claws will be understanding, Winston and Emily.
    And Oscar, We also think teddy bears (and other stuffed toys) make great snuggle pillows, so you go ahead and enjoy them.
    We have never had a Christmas tree. The one in your Mom's picture is furry purrty.

  9. I am sure you are all behaving for Santa.

  10. Oh no!! Hoping Santa was busy and didn't see that!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  11. Yep, we can totally see it, bears are very useful fellows.