Monday, December 12, 2016

Felines making Merry!

 Hello all.  Winston reporting from the Christmas tree!  See how beautifully I am NOT whapping at the ornaments with my paw.  I hope you all are being as good as I am.  Purrs.
The Mom person was off this weekend.  She did a lot of housework on Saturday.   She also went on a Christmas lantern walk at a local pioneer village museum.  She took a few photos there but, as the only light was from kerosene lamps,  they turned out a bit dark.
We got so much snow the past while.  Emily likes to watch it falling from beside the big window.
The Mom went out on Sunday afternoon to take some pictures.
 It was an overcast day with the sun on briefly peaking through the clouds.
 The last of the autumn roses.

 Thankfully, there was some bright spots of color from these berries!

Mom said it lifted her spirits to see the cheery reds!
Hello from Oscar.   This snowy cold weather makes me want to cuddle up even more.   The vet gave Mom a sample of kitty wet wipes for me.   I have a hard time washing myself , well, except for my face, and so Mom helps me out.  I smell nicer now with some assistance from her.  I appreciate the extra purrs from people from blog land.   Getting old can be tough.
 The snow was very pretty falling down.  Though we felines have heard that the humans don't like shoveling it or having to drive through it!
Isn't Mom silly?   Here is her Doctor Who figure!   She says he is a Christmas ornament!
Right, Mom!
photo from Pinterest

I know why you really want the figurine out!   Oh Mom!  I blush on her behalf....
 It's Miss Emily and I agree with Oscar:  Mom is silly!  I think she has a tiny crush on the actor.

 Just a few more photos for you!  If you closely, you can see Mom's reflection in the Christmas ornament.
 This family went all out on the Christmas lawn decorations!
 The quiet of a walk in the park...

The way I figure, this was self defense!   Purrs to all for a good week.  If your human seems frazzled try to give them a head bop or two!


  1. Hi to you all!

    Your mom got some lovely winter photos! Does she ever print and frame any? Or make blank cards to sell? She could do that, she takes wonderful pics.

    Our snow didn't start until late afternoon on Sunday, with most of it at night and overnight. Heavy and wet to shovel this morning, and while our biped was out at 4:15 AM doing just that, we were snug inside with full tummies. :-D

    Take care, have a great week, and as always, purrs to you all, and especially to Oscar.

  2. Hi everyone, so nice to see all of you!
    Sounds like your Mom had a nice weekend. It is nice to see some hints of colour at this time of year. Your Mom takes such lovely photos.
    A special hello to you Oscar! You are such a handsome fellow. You remind me of a special kitty I had named Linus. He was very handsome too.
    Hope you all have a good week. Stay warm!

  3. Winston and I see a fracas? Oscar, honey, I've been purring for you, and will keep doing so, sweetie! Lovely photos; I even like the reflection in the ornament!

  4. You are being most excellent in not whapping. We admire your restraint. Oscar, we know aging is hard. We're glad Mom has something to help a bit.

  5. A Doctor Who figure is totally a Christmas ornament!

  6. Your Mom is not silly, if there was an action figure of Nic Cage, I would have it :) I am praying for you Oscar.

  7. Your mom bean makes furry beautiful photos. Our mom bean says it almost makes her like winter (almost). And the photos of you kitties are purrfect too!

    Stay warm and cozy efurrybody!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku