Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Toy and Purrwowza!

 Greetings everyone!   Oscar kitty here.   I'm interrupting my nap for you all.   Well, the Mom was off this entire weekend!  Purrs.   More treats, brushings and cuddles for me.   It has been chilly recently and I appreciate the extra blankets and heat packs Mom makes up for me and my achy legs.
 Mom took this photo on her walk home one night.   I know it's nothing compared to what some other folks have experienced in the last while.   Even this snow melted by the end of the next day.
So--our Mom had company on Saturday.   Her Mom came to visit!   We three felines are her grandkitties!
 However, before I get ahead of myself I'll just insert this photo of a gingerbread latte.   That is to warm up anybody who got cold looking at the snow photo.  Only, guess what?!   Mom thought it was a tea latte and it was a coffee latte.   Oops!   Mom said it was yummy but she didn't finish the entire mug because she has something called "insomnia".   Us felines have never dealt with this particular malady.   It sounds very strange...not sleeping well?   Yikes!
 Purrs from Miss Emily.   Mom said I'm a shameless flirt.   (Well, maybe I am a little)   Her Mom came on Saturday and they went out for breakfast and then shopping.  Her is our "grandmom" modelling a pink feather boa.  What do you think?  Should Mom have bought that boa for me?  Don't you think I would look fetching in pink?
 Well, Mom didn't buy us anything!   But our "grandmum" did...look at what we scored.  Purrwowza!
I love this toy with it's ball in a ring, dangling mousie and treat dispenser.
 I'm going to catch that blue ball!  Or I would if Winston didn't take over.
Winston thinks he owns everything!

That is right, Pearl.   I do.   I think "grandmum" meant this toy mostly for me anyway.   Oh and guess what else?......I saw a picture of the grandmum's feline, Pearl.  She is beautiful!

This is Pearl!   Isn't she something!  Just don't tell Emily I think so. 
We hope everyone had a great week, feline and human alike.
Purrs to all,
Oscar, Miss Emily and Winston


  1. Hope you all get a chance to enjoy your new toy. Glad your grand mum paid you a visit. Sometimes Mom's need their Mom's too.
    Pearl is very pretty. Have a good week.

  2. Emily, I think that your mom should have purchased that pink boa for HER mom! She looks great in it! Pearl is a cutie kitty, but just one cat?

  3. A new toy is always a good thing Emily and Winston! As we get older though, we're thinking the heat pack thingies would be a great idea Oscar. We just haven't convinced the mom bean to buy them yet.

    Pearl is furry pretty. She has little white paws and a bib just like our Sami.

    Have a good week efurrybody!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. Wow, that is a lovely snowy night picture. And yes, you do look quite lovely. We think you should have sparkles too.

  5. Oscar, your mom takes very good care of you. Continued purrs from us.

    Your grandmom is a great sport, we think that boa is great. Bonus that you scored presents from her! Could she be our grandmom too? (Ed note: Ignore the boys, they're spoiled rotten and I have a few little presents for them for Christmas, tucked away.)

    Have a good week, everyone!

  6. Glad you got to have a nice weekend with your mum :)
    We like the new toy you got too.
    We also think Pearl is very pretty!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. New toys are always a Good Thing! So, too, are pink feather boas - although purr-sonally speaking, Miss Emily, We think sky blue would suit you better.
    Mummy thinks it would be nice if someone were to give Her a heat pack (mol).

  8. what a wonderful new toy!! Your Grandma looks like she is a lot of fun too!

  9. It's nice to be spoiled once in a while and who better than a grandma to do it? Glad to see all of you happy and well :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

    P.S. Pearl is lovely!