Monday, November 7, 2016

Emily on Monday

 Good morning,  It's Miss Emily.  I'm just popping by to say hello and ask for your help.  Well, Mom wants to get some advice.   This past Friday I went for a visit to see the vet.   I entertained Mom and the cab driver with my beautiful singing voice on the entire drive down.  I needed to get my yearly once over AND get a mat removed from my beautiful silky furs!  Only, guess what?!  That mat was so bad the vet and two assistants had to hold me still/keep me distracted to try and remove that tangled bit.   Dr. B had to get out the suture scissors.   I was not impressed.  I let them vet type people KNOW I was not impressed.   Dr. B told Mom that she has never seen such silky fur on a kitty before and that it is very prone to tangles.   She said that the closest she has seen is the cat breed is the Turkish Van.  So, Mom was relieved to hear it wasn't something she did incorrectly (don't worry, Mom, I'll find something else to blame on you!)  But that I should go in once a month for a comb out (3 people required!  I'm impressed with myself) for the next while.  So, now I have naked spots but I'm still Miss Diva and no doubt about that!  In other, more boring news,
 Mom giggled about this!  
 It has been very mild for November.   Some trees are bare but there are still trees with lots of golden leaves.   Mom says they are beautiful!

So...if anyone has some (gentle) tips or advice to get me to be more amenable to grooming etc. well, Mom is open to it! 
Purrs to all for a great week.
Miss Emily, diva extraordinaire!


  1. Ha! Three people, Emily, we're impressed. Alas, we can't offer tips. The biped would take Chumley in a few times a year to have his hind end and belly shaved, because he matted so badly. He was *awesome* with the clippers and would lie on his back, spread-eagled for it. But when it came to the brush, the groomer had to cone him to keep him from biting.

    All that said, maybe if your mom practices in short spurts with you, giving you your favourite treat during and after? That's the only suggestion we can make, we hope others chime in with something better.

  2. Huh. That is a tough one. Our Mom has only had experience with short hair felines. A Furminator, maybe?

  3. There are all kinds of different types of grooming tools, and some cats like some more than others. the zoom groom is liked by Muffin who hates all other combs.. Jack prefers a wide tooth comb.

    1. We ALWAYS defer to our Aunt Connie The Wise on these things :-)

  4. Hi Miss Emily, Kim seems to have the right idea. Get you Mom to give you a few treats every time you hold still for some grooming. The first kitty we had was very good while being brushed but as soon as he went to the vet he turned into a tiger. Maybe you don't like how the vet smells and it upsets you.
    Take care of your Mom and Oscar this week!

  5. Sorry, no experience with this, can only offer a suggestion of trying different types of brushes and combs, to see which one Emily likes/tolerates. We have a lot of fall color right now, but the leaves have begun to fall like rain!

  6. We think the Treats solution is purrobably the best idea. Lots and lots of them. Before, during and after (mol).

  7. do you have the Furminator? That is my all time fave, if YOU do it regularly at home, I am certain Emily will love it!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. Sorry you needed a little help. Also sorry I have no advice.