Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Monday

 Good morning!  It's Oscar here this morning.  I'm posing next to my leaf!  Mom found this beautiful Maple leaf on her walk home from the grocery store on Saturday.   She brought it back for me to investigate.  I don't know what it was about the leaf but
 it made me feel like a young kitten (I'm almost 19 now!).  I sniffed the leaf.  After this photo was taken, I bit the leaf and got all wild.  Mom finally took it away.  She did say it was nice to see me acting so frisky!
 The leaf was on a previous walk, just after an autumn rain shower, Mom likes the way the raindrops sparkle.
 Purr from Miss Emily now!  I'm lying comfortably on top of the dining room table...the forbidden table.  "Do you think you can shame me off the table, Mom?"   Whatever.  
 The Mom is still fighting a bit of a cold, or something, because she gets tired and sleeps.  She also has dreadful sneezing fits that hurt my delicate feline ears.   I tell you that Mom has no consideration for me fragile ears!  Sometimes I can be very hard done by, felines.
 Just cause she is feeling under the weather doesn't mean she doesn't go for long walks.   This is a duck on the park lake on a misty morning.
 However, us felines, make sure she drinks lots of tea.   Make sure your human stays healthy is my advice.   The consequences otherwise are quite inconvenient!  There might loud sneezes, naps, lethargic service and grumpiness!
 Hi now from Winston.  See Mom?  I can be nice.   Here I am cuddling Oscar.
 More photos from a walk.  Mom likes walks but she admires those people who go running.   At least when she walks she can notice the beautiful season of changing leaves!

I will close for now and wish everyone a nice Halloween!  Remind your human that the Halloween candy goes on sale tomorrow for half price.
Oscar, Winston and Emily


  1. Ha, good point about Halloween candy going on sale for half price tomorrow. Bet all the Walmarts across North America will be insane. LOL.

    Oscar, we're happy to read you got all wild with the leaf! Points to your mom for bringing it for you, demerits for taking it away. (Guess it evens out!)

    Emily, the "forbidden" table looks like it might have a blanket or towel on it just for you.

    Winston, you're doing a fine job of cuddling Oscar, though we're not sure that was your intent or if it's just a comfy spot. ;-)

    We hope your mom is all better soon. We're starting the season of colds and flu, unfortunately.

    Purrs from us and happy Halloween!

  2. Oh Oscar, that must have made your momma very happy!

  3. Very pretty photos of the trees and colors! We have some leaves in the house too, but not brought in intentionally...someone (cough cough The Hubby cough cough) doesn't notice what's on the bottom of his shoes when he comes inside from walking in the yard. Happy Halloween!

  4. We love the pretty Fall scenes :)
    With all the wind and rain, most of the leaves have been blown away.
    Glad to hear you have been having fun with that leaf Oscar :)
    Happy Halloween !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. What lovely pictures of the autumn. Thank you for sharing!

    We hope you had a happy (and safe) MEOW-loween. :)

  6. A beautiful autumn there, I see. It's funny that you got worked up after biting the leaf, Oscar. I wonder if that works with us older humans, too. It's wonderful that you are still frisky - at least now and then - at nineteen. But not too frisky, Oscar. Your mum needs some cuddles with her cold.

  7. Oscar, it's good to see you so frisky.
    Miss Emily, how do you manage to look more beautiful effurry time We see you?
    Winston, of COURSE you can be nice. You ARE nice!
    We hope your Mom gets over her cold soon. She will enjoy her long walks even more. Those photos she took are pawsome - especially the duck on the lake (mol).
    Hope you enjoyed Halloween.

  8. what a lovely leaf and you are blessed to be 19!!! Oh the wisdom you must have!! Gorgeous area where you live, your Mom is lucky to be able to have such pretty walks. Hoping she feels better soon! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. We're so glad you got to have a Frisky Adventure, Oscar.

  10. Winston and Miss Emily, it looks like your Mom takes such wonderful care of you. Now with her having a cold you should cuddle her a bit. Your Mom takes lovely photos. Have a nice weekend!