Monday, September 26, 2016

Too much fun for a Monday

 "Go away Emily.  It's Monday and I don't feel like playing"

 "I just want to ease into the day."
 Uh oh.   Emily, I  think he means it!
* Fluff flying. Paws smacking. *
 Emily, I think Winston let you win.   ;)

"Are those silly young felines done making a racket?!"

Wishing everyone a great week!


  1. Oscar, it's best to stay well clear of those youngsters! Wappy Paws on a Monday, for heaven's sake!

  2. Aww, sweet Oscar, are the young 'uns disturbing your quiet time today?

    Winston: A mancat does what a mancat has to, to get some peace! :-D

    Emily: If you want to tussle, come on over and we'll give you a good wrestling match!

    Purrs for a good week ahead.

  3. Great photos! The fourth one especially. Love the look on Oscars face. Growing up we had two Siamese who would suddenly lay into each other and would make a terrible racket. This went on for 10 years or so. Most times I think the female won. She was tough!

  4. Hey the ONLY way to do Monday is to eaasseeeee very slowly into it.