Monday, September 5, 2016

Hooray for long weekends!!

 Ahem!   Can't you see I'm wanting a little quiet time, Mom?   Heavens to mergatroid!  
 OK...fine!   Winston kitty here!   Interrupting his much needed Labor Day nap to keep you all posted!  If you think the bags under my eyes are a bit too pronounced, well, you can all blame the Mom person!
 Mom actually had this long weekend off.  It's her first one all year and she was very excited!  She made good use of the time, though!   On her walk back from the grocery store she popped into a new little bakery/cafe.   Could any of your humans resist the siren call of baked goods?
 Well, our Mom certainly could not!   She came home with a carrot salad and an herb and goat cheese scone.   Goodness, from the way she made little happy munching sighs you would have thought it was a seafood flavored Temptation treat!   She said something about going back for more and having it with tomato soup!
 It's still very summer-y but the nights have been a bit cooler.   The Mom likes autumn sweater weather the best!
 See this cheeky girl?  Miss Emily sniffing my box.  She thinks I don't notice, but I do!  It's only because I am gentleman that I allow here to visit it at all!
 We have also been getting more rain!   Phew.  Just in time for autumn, the plants are turning green again!
 This toe belongs to Mom.  She said it was one of the items on her slow summer list!   She always wanted to dip her toes in a fountain.  Before she sat down, though, she looked to the right and to the left.  When nobody was in sight, she slipped off her sandal and enjoyed the cool, silky smooth water.
 A rose by a fence on her walk home from the grocery store.  She said there wasn't much scent but it was very pretty.
 Oscar kitty here.   Winston thinks he can monopolize everything!   I tend to sleep most of the day.  I still make sure Mom gives me fresh water at my favorite water bowl.   Sometimes she changes it up to 6 or 7 times a day because I meow for fresh water until I get it!  
This feline was on a beautiful porch with a daybed looked so cozy and inviting.  Mom almost didn't see the cat.  I think he looks nervous.   If he knew our Mom like we did I think he would have felt better.
 I'll close with this photo of Winston after her escaped into the hall.  Mom says he is a brat.   Well, yeah, I could have told her that!

PS-Winston again.  Our Grandma's cat, Pearl, seems to be doing a bit better.   She ate some more and hasn't been sneezing quite so much.  She is still of the vet's tomorrow, though.  Purrs to everyone who came by.  Mom passed your messages along to our Grandma.
Hope you all have a wonderful week
PPS-yeah, I know I'm not supposed to be on the stove.  Don't think Mom didn't give me a talking too!  It looks like I care, too, eh?!


  1. You all seem to be having a lovely Labour Day weekend. We're glad Pearl is a bit better, continued purrs to her.

    Your mom had great restraint if she made it out of the bakery without sweets! Or perhaps she's lucky enough not have a sweet tooth. Some like sweet, some savoury. :-)

  2. Ohhh we bet she enjoyed that fountain dip. And Oscar, you keep her on her toesies! Let her know that senior catizens still got it.

  3. We have a long weekend here, too. Glad your Labour Day has been good and relaxing.

  4. Sending more purrs to Oscar and Pearl, hoping both feel even better soon! Isn't Mother Nature wonderful, when she isn't trying to bake us with heat or blow us down with a storm?

  5. Thank you for the updates. I am glad your Mom had a nice weekend ( she deserves it). And say hello to your Grandma for us.

  6. We are still purring and praying for Pearl and Winston, you and Cody need to get together to stir up some fun (trouble! MOL!!) I am living vicariously through your Mom's superb food choices too.....oh if I lived near her I would join her on a few of those walks for the delicious things she finds! ;) catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. a toe in the fountain? you wild and crazy woman you :)

  8. RE: the Instinct Raw Boost Mixers: the rabbit one has rabbit, pork liver, pork heart and a slew of veggies and fruit. Boo for the veggies and fruit. No minerals or vitamins or taurine, so not meant to be fed instead of their normal food, but as a protein boost, I presume.

    Derry, who is the pickiest of cats, is ape-you-know-what for them, as is Nicki. It would be easy to overfeed, I can see that just from today. I did go back to PetSmart and buy several more packages (they're small). They had a deal on whereby if you bought 3 or more, you paid $1.66 per package instead of the $1.99. I wanted to stock up in case they stop carrying them!