Sunday, February 21, 2016

Miss Emily is not a diva

 Greetings Felines!   Miss Emily.   Since Mom was off last week I had an extra busy week trying to keep her out of mischief!  One of the chores I assigned her was to take me to the vet.   The cold snap had left by then and she was able to walk there with me in the kitty carrier.   Rest assured that I kept up a constant pitiful song as we walked.  
 Once Mom reached the vets, and we were sent to our room, I demanded to be freed and set about exploring!   Most of the photos were blurry...I kept that woman on her toes!   The vet decided that I should try a new food...something a bit more appealing to my delicate feline palette.   So far kitties, I have been loving the new food!
 Something else I also loved(beside my new catnip toy and food sample!) was this magnificent kitty condo.  I mean, just look at it, wow!  It covers the window.   Don't you think Mom should try and make me happy and purchase something like this?   I think if she put in a little effort she could probably just hoist it on her shoulder and carry it home.
 That Mom person owes us felines because she "cheated" on us with other cats!  She went to visit a nice lady who had purry ones of her one.   This first kitty, J, is a senior and Mom said she was very friendly.  J graciously accepted lots of brushings from Mom.  Personally, I think J might be a bit of a strumpet. 
 The black kitty, B, was more demure.   Mom said she was tiny and silky and delicate.   She even allowed the Mom to cuddle her!  Well...I never...I barely allow the Mom to cuddle me.   Should I be worried?
 The kitty visit finished off with a very relaxing tea: muffins, grapes, cheddar and the pots of tea.  I have to admit the Mom person seemed very relaxed when she finally got home.

I'll wish you all a great week.  This is us-her real felines-enjoying a cozy moment on the back of our sofa.


  1. Oh, that is a wonderful cat tree! Your mom should totally buy it for you.

  2. Emily, you asked to go to the Vet? Yikes.
    Sounds like your visit was good though. That condo is pawsome!
    Cheating is bad,but coming home without treats is worse.
    We purr she spoiled you a bit when she came home.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    1. Hi felines
      Yes, Mom and the vet are a teeny bit concerned that I need to eat more. Apparently, I could be a bit floofier!
      You know, I don't think she gave us any treats. That woman! I think she owes me more kibbles.
      Purrs to you all for a wonderful week

  3. Mowzers, that tree is magnificent! And we totally understand the "cheating" thing - ours did this week too. HRMPF.

  4. That is quite the beautiful trio.I think mom should have a tree built. Start making the plans, kitties. xo

  5. Oh yeah, we agree. Your mom should TOTALLY build you that cat tree. :)

  6. This trio looks great! AS for me I had to ask online essay help so I could free some of my time and take my kitty to the vet. Of course this visit was like a disaster, well as always)

  7. That cat tree is spectacular! We'd like one for our own too.

    Your mom had a lovely visit, even if she did cheat on you. Hey, as long as she comes home to YOU, it's okay, Emily.

    Take care, have a good week.

    Purrs and peace.

  8. We love the pictures, Miss Emily. And We would sooooo love a magnificent kitty condo/cat tree like the one in the photo. We have Totally Despaired of effur having one of our own.
    Our favourite picture, howeffur, is the top one. You are so furry beautiful, Miss Emily.
    Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi

  9. Sooo glad your visit went well! What a lovely Vet office you have! That tree is great...but...if your Mom is going to spend big green papers on a tree she should check out ...Mom reviewed them last summer and their trees are GORGEOUS!!! Also, Mom was wondering, does your Mom ALWAYS set up such a beautiful tea just for herself, or did she have guests? That's lovely!!! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. You kitties are lucky- that is a cool cat tree.

  11. The cat tree at the vet's could definitely be "lifted" with a bit of effort on your Mama's part! ;p Your Mama's friend laid a lovely table for tea for the both of them. How nice for your Mama to have a visit with a friend and her friend's cats :)

    the critters in the cottage xo