Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feline Cuddles, Diva Issues and Birthdays!

 Kitties-see how snowy and cold it is where we live...there is only one solution!
 Greetings felines.   It's cuddle bugs Winston and Oscar today.   We are snuggled up on the back of the sofa.   Oscar just had a spa day at the vet's office on Friday.  We know that Mom loves him because not only does he get spa days BUT she gave Oscar her last heat pack.   It was her only one left for her muscle ouchies.   We especially like the birds hopping over it!
Guess what?!  The Mom person is going to have a birthday soon. 
Her sisters gave her a a birthday cake when she went to visit her step dad in the hospital on the weekend. 
In our opinion she got a little too excited!  But she said she hasn't had a birthday cake in such a long time and this one was so very pretty.   She also got a pretty scarf and a gift card to a book store.  

Miss Emily here now.   This is me looking  at  a photo Lucy kitty.  Mom has told me about Lucy.  I think Lucy and I would have been great friends.   We could have cuddled together and ganged up on the boys if they were bossy.   Mom says I could have taught Lucy how to be a diva.   I'm not sure if that was an insult or not.  I would just like to say Mom that I'm not the one who owns a pair of ruby red sequined slippers!   Who is the real diva, eh!
Purrs to all for a wonderful week!


  1. HEY! We counted only 13 candles on that cake...and here we thought your Mom was old enough to drive, tee hee hee!!!

    1. As it was the Mom could only blow out all the candles with one breath!
      She told us if we told her real number of candles we wouldn't get any treats for a week!

  2. Mom's slippers sure are fancy! We hope she's having a fun time leading up to her birthday.

    We also hope you are managing to stay warm -- cuddling together is a great idea!

  3. What a great cake. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Have a great day kitties.

  4. We hope your mom has a wonderful birthday! That cake looks absolutely yummy and the photo has made our biped hungry. :-)

    Stay safe and warm and snug, with this wintery mess on the way tomorrow. (Not sure you're in the storm's path, but we are!)

    Purrs and peace.

  5. Cuddle bug partners are very impawtant! Happy birthday - and our Mom said she admires the ruby slippers.

  6. Omg those slippers are soooooooo cute! Like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!!!! Happy early Birthday!! The cake is so pretty! catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. Old Man Winter won't get the hint to leave! Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom, that is a nice cake and slippers :)

  9. Happy Birthday! We're so glad you got a cake to help celebrate. And great slippers!
    Silver, Riley and the new kitty, Hannah

  10. Happy Birthday to the Mom person. Cuddling is the best thing to do when it is cold out.