Monday, December 28, 2015 we can have fun again!

Oscar here today.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!   We felines had a lovely day with naps, treats and lots of presents!
I got this amazing present called the kitty shack!   Here is a photo from a store that sold them.    It's a soft carpet with crinkle material underneath.   There is a zipper  that you can do up and it turns into a cozy triangle.  Mom often finds me curled up in it in the morning.  I feel very safe inside.  Winston kitty has mostly left it alone and it is mine!  I think that makes the Mom person happy.
 See this catnip toy.  The catnip toy that is pink and sparkly?  Well.  It was meant for Miss Emily.  However, the Winston kitty immediately absconded it for his own personal use.  It didn't matter that he already had a new catnip toy.
 Just a few seconds after this photo was taken the Winston kitty started bunny kicking the pink sparkle toy....he got tired of it though...
Miss Emily finally ventured through to the kitchen to play with both toys!That Winston gets a little too excited at Christmas!

 The Mom person got to see the Christmas light house again on Christmas Day.  She said it was beautiful!
 The Mom person even got a present to open on Christmas morning.
 That little Winston dude...he thought this soft, silky scarf was for him.  He snuggled down on it and refused to move!    I say better Mom's scarf than my kitty shack!

Mom got another feline for Christmas.   She says her name is Grumpy Cat and she now lives under her Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Winston thought he should check her out but he decided he didn't have the energy to play with her.   Smart move Winston

Well...Oscar kitty signing off.  I hope you felines enjoyed your Christmas.  I, for one, am going back to my kitty shack...(I call it my kitty cuddler!)
and the other two
Winston and Emily


  1. Those are lovely gifts. Especially your kitteh cuddler, that is pretty pawsome.

  2. We're glad you all had a good Christmas! That kitty shack looks especially cosy and snug and just plain wonderful. We're so glad you're enjoying it, Oscar.

    As for catnip toys: First come for those! Heh heh.

    That scarf is lovely too...we hope your mom actually gets to wear it. Ha.

    Purrs and peace.

  3. Looks like you kitties had a great Christmas. Enjoy your gifts. :)

  4. Lovely Christmas celebrate ! and Lots of presents..Totally Nice !
    Enjoy =^x^=

  5. I have seen that Kitty Shack and it DOES look cozy! Enjoy!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Looks like you all had a great Christmas. Is that the Grumpy puppet? I got one that has a tan leg like that and it is a puppet :)

  7. That kitty shack looks amazing!! I have shack envy! MOL Happy New Year xx

  8. Enjoy your Christmas gifts efurrybody! The kitty shack and the nip toys are pawsome, and mom bean says the scarf is lovely.

    Happy New Year!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. That Kitty Shack looks cozy and warm! And your other presents are great, too. :)

    Happy New Year!

  10. It sounds like the purrfect Christmas! Oscar, we are so pleased to hear you love your kitty shack. It does look really pawsome! Happy New Year to all of you! May 2016 be happy , healthy and filled with love and joy :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. Oscar, sweetie...hope you had a terrific holiday! Apparently, Winston and Emily scored nicely too. Happy New Year, every pawdy!