Monday, December 14, 2015

A Gift for the Felines?

Good morning.  Oscar and Winston this morning.   We are cuddling together on the couch.   Mom always says her heart feels better when she sees us being sweet with each other.   We do try to make her happy but most especially near Christmas.
Here are a few of the goings on with us the past little bit.
 The Mom person met with some friends this past weekend.   They drove around a bit to look at Christmas lights.  This house really went all out and they even got out of the car to stop and take a closer look!
 They then went to K's house for some tea and treats.   Mom liked everything but the chocolate chip shortbread was her favorite.
They even exchanged presents!!   She even got this notepad.   We don't understand why she laughed.  
It reminded us that we haven't received any presents yet!   We don't care who brings us presents--it can be the Mom or the dude in the red suit or whoever!
 Purr greetings from Miss Emily.   I had a narrow escape as the Mom person almost put a fake blue ribbon on my head in this photo!   Can you believe the nerve of her?   (***pst  I overheard her saying something about us getting an early Christmas present this Sunday!  I'm so excited I could just bite the Mom's fingers!)  Anyway, that Mom went to a Christmas market to shop for some presents for the other (less important humans) on her list.
 There were a lot of vendors!   Mom bought her yearly potato pancakes with applesauce and then started to shop!   She found some beer scented soap for a relative and some pretty flavor infused honey.  Alas, though, the little shop that sold catnip treats wasn't there this year.   ** life is so unkind.  I don't know how Mom is going to make it up to us!*
This dapper gentleman is played music with a puppet.   The little kids loved him.   I would have loved to gnaw on that puppet.

When it comes to the tree I have mostly been good...that the Mom can see anyway!   I hope you felines are having a great week and the humans are being super nice to you!
Miss Emily


  1. What a sweet picture of the two of you together.

  2. Oscar and Winston, how nice you are cuddling! Emily, when I was a wee child, waiting for Santa to come was so crazily exciting! I hope you get an early present.

  3. You're full of news today!

    How lovely those Christmas lights were. Our biped likes to look at them too.

    And that china cup is just gorgeous, so beautiful. Tea tastes better in a china cup, and the higher quality the china, the better it tastes!

    We especially like that "How to Catch Santa" cartoon. They're all good, though, and the lessons in the last graphic are well worth keeping in mind year round. :-)

    We hope you get something marvellous for Christmas...only a bit longer to be good, Emily!

    Purrs and peace.

  4. I can't understand why she got that Crazy Cat Lady notepad either ;-) Hope you all get pressies you can either eat or play with xxxx

  5. looks like lots of fun going on there and great prezzies! xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Lots of festive Christmas activities happening your way! :) We love the cartoons. We view Christmas trees that way too :) (Although our klutzy Mama breaks ornaments every year and we don't! She already broke TWO this year!)

    the critters in the cottage xo