Monday, January 4, 2016

Technical Difficulties

Hi all--tee hee-did you like the cartoon I've picked for you?  The Mom's internet is zonked.  She is quite cross about it.  It's the 2nd time in less than a year.
I don't let things bother me.  See me-tummy exposed to the world.  Feeling all carefree.   As long as the mom provides me with kibbles etc.  I'm good.Mom and a friend tried to give Oscar a bit of a spa day at home.   Mom was thankful for the help.  Apparently, the vet is booked up and his next spa day is still a ways away.

The Mom has started to gently tease Winston about his floofiness.   She doesn't mind, though, as long as we are healthy.
The Mom needs to chill.   Maybe if she took another walk in the park?  Anyway, if we don't comment on your blogs it's because of technical difficulties.
Purrs for a great week.
Miss Emily Grace


  1. What a cute pic! It's totally a classic. PS: Given Oscar's difficulties, we'd think the vet could work him in as needed.

  2. Yep, as long as the kitties have warms and noms, the world is great! Hope the interwebs issue is solved easily and for no cost!

  3. Purrs to you all, especially Oscar. We're echoing The Whiskeratti's comment re: the vet, but who knows, there could be lots of surgeries booked or something. Good luck to your mom getting the internet issue sorted out. Does anyone even remember life before we had it?

  4. Hope you get the Internet sorted! I know it can drive humans crazypants when it's not working! As for us we just take a nap!

  5. Internet/computer woes are the worst! Hope things clear up soon! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. We hope a vet appointment opens up soon for Oscar. In the meantime, we're sending purrs and prayers.

    The computer stuff can be such a pain. Paws crossed for a fix in the near future!