Monday, July 27, 2015

Neglected Winston and a Vet Visit and Miss Truffle Butts

 Good Monday morning all.   It is another hot, humid day where we live.   I think us felines should maybe rest a bit more than usual because of the weather.   I also wanted to relate that I am not a happy boy.  This morning, bright and early, Mom took Oscar AND Emily to see the vet.  
 Emily had an unfortunate grooming malfunction near her floofy posterior area.   It was most unpleasant for all of us.   Mom tried to help her but decided a bit of discrete grooming by the vet was in order to prevent another such crisis from occurring again.
 Oscar has another urinary tract infection and needs a weekly antibiotic.   He also needed to have his thyroid medication intake increased.  He has lost some weight and his heart beat, though still within normal parameters, is a bit too fast.   Dr. B. also gave him some kitty gravol, cerenia, to help him out.   Oscar was not happy...but the vet tried to buy him off with a new catnip toy.   HA!  I confiscated that toy for my own personal use the moment I laid my big blue eyes on that tasty morsel.
 Doesn't Emily look happy here.   Perhaps she enjoys the extra breeze on her newly groomed hiney!   Mom gave her yet another new ridiculous nickname to commemorate the event: truffle butt!

I, Winston kitty, shall close for now.  My own grooming session is fast approaching!  My tummy furs will be trimmed so I , too, can enjoy more of an easy breezy feeling during the summer months.
Mom says thanks to all for the encouraging comments during my last post.   Things are still crazy for her but she is trying to take time and "enjoy the roses!"    She also hopes to come around and catch up on some visiting.
Purrs to you all for a great week.


  1. Oh Winston! Hope you enjoy your upcoming trim! Oscar baby, please get better soon, and enjoy the extra breeze, Emily!

  2. Truffle Butt!
    Oh, how jolly undignified!!
    Jane xx

  3. We're sending Oscar tons and tons of purrs. You could share the toy, after his ordeal. Just a thought. :-)

    You guys stay cool too...if you have air conditioning, revel in it! Actually if you have ac, we might have to move to your home. :-P

    1. Do you know what Mom did...she took the toy I confiscated and put it up near Oscar's head on the back of the sofa. He only look slightly interested in it, though.
      We hope you guys stay cool.
      Winston kitty

  4. Grooming Malfunction...Truffle Butt!!!!!!! Mommy wants to move into your Mom's head for a fun vacation.

  5. Poor Emily, kitties have no privacy. And poor Oscar , I will add him to my prayer list. I hope you let him have his toy some time.

  6. Oscar please feel better soon and Emily I am so happy they cleared that problem up!!! Whew! I dodged the Vet this week, but I go next week. Winston, hope you don't have to go anytime soon! Love, Cody

  7. We is purring that Oscar is feeling better soon. It is furry nice of him to share his toy with you Winston.

    Funny Emily, you'll probably never live down the Truffle Butt nickname, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Sweet, handsome Winston it is hot and humid here too, we are ready to see some cooling. Sure hope sweet Oscar is feeling and doing a lot better. Sweet Emily looked to be very comfortable with her newly groomed area. We hope you will let Oscar play with his toy when he is feeling up to it. You could share it we bet. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. That rose is beautiful! Don't forget to smell it too :) Winston, our Mama thinks you are so smart and handsome! Oscar, we love you sweetie. You are in our thoughts. Emily, you are pretty and Truffllicious :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. Hi again! We nominated you for the Eight Photos of Happiness Challenge on our blog yesterday. Come see! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo