Monday, December 1, 2014

Feline Health Benefits

Good morning all,  It's Oscar here to start off.  Just wanted to let you know that Mom is starting to get her voice back.  Keep your paws crossed. Otherwise, I will have to sleep next to her and purr some more until she is better.   Emily and Winston help out by making her smile.  We are exhausted from all the extra cuddling, purring and adorable antics.   Phew.
 Mom is still twiterpated with that silly owl she bought from Chapters.  She is convinced that it needs a Santa Hat.  In fact, she had one put by using the computer.
 I will admit it looks festive but it's just one more thing for Emily to fling onto the floor!
 Oscar, I am a little hurt that you would insinuate that I merely knock about the Christmas decorations for fun.  I have to admit, though, that I am very excited about Christmas!  So many things to smack, bat and drag around!  I'm dreaming about the toys and treats I will get for Christmas if I behave.  I will try very, very hard.
The weather here has been very up and down.   One day we will have a lovely dusting of snow.  The next day the temperature climbs and everything melts.

Hi everybody, it's Winston now.  I'll close off by showing you all how diligently I guard the Christmas tree from Emily.   If it should happen to topple in the next little bit it will be because of Emily.  Yes, I know that Emily is having a nap right now but it will STILL be her fault.   Are we agreed on this?   I'm glad we understand each other.   
Purrs, from the kitty brats


  1. Winston, dood, we've got yer back should you -- ah, err, EMILY -- decide to whap it or something.

  2. In or house,it's ALWAYS the kid's fault.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  3. Good job helping Mom get better, kitties!

  4. We are glad your Mom is feeling better, We cannot imagine how tired you all are from the 24/7 you'll have energy to WREAK HAVOC.

  5. Glad to hear your Mom is feeling better. Have fun with the tree. :)

  6. Oh yes, I CAN'T WAIT for the peeps to put up our tree. They cover it with all those 'rollable breakables.' What fun we have rolling 'em until they break.


  7. We are glad to hear your Mom is improving and we hope she is all well very soon. We think it is so much fun to swat decorations around and off places that Mumsy don't even decorate anymore. We think she is just old and out of the loop is what we think. Oh, yes we understand sweet Winston we wish you luck keeping that tree upright. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. We is happy to hear you mom bean is feeling a little better. You kitties must be furry tired from doing so much for her.

    Have fun with the Chrismouse decorations! Sasha and Sami don't care much but Saku sure loves to chase an ornament or two, MOL AND the tree skirt is a furry comfy spot to take a nap.

    Sasha. Sami, & Saku