Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Staycation reports

 Good morning all!  Winston kitty here to report on our Staycation with Mom.  Her being home certainly cuts into our sleeping time.  It's not easy for us but we are trying to be patient.
 Her Mom came for a visit.  We like her Mom as she really seems to appreciate our awesome feline beauty and intelligence.  They left to go out for breakfast at one of their favorite cafes.  Mom had a nice chai tea.   They did a bit of shopping but not much.
 Lucy tried to make the visitor feel at home by sitting on her lap.  Unfortunately, Lucy expresses her complete and utter joy by extending her claws in the lap of the visitor.  Mom solved this problem by putting a pillow on her lap and then there were no more gasps of pain.  Humans can be such wimps.  Don't they know that love hurts!
 Mom has been doing lots of chores like cleaning and organizing and even some cooking!  She loves the crock pot.
 She also takes lots of walks.  Winter is slowly receding making way for spring.  These tiny little green shoots were struggling through the snow and mud at  our local park.  She also heard the most beautiful bird song the other day on her walk home from the grocery store.  There are lots of birds singing now!  We felines really like that.  Mom says this bird was way up in the top branches of a maple tree.  She told us that it's a house finch.
 Oscar kitty here now.  I have an appointment to see the vet this afternoon.  Mom thinks I'm having a bit of trouble with my back leg.  I am 16 years old.   Mostly I like to sleep, cuddle and get a bit tipsy on the nip.  But Mom worries so I am forced to see Dr. B.   Mom also keeps busy with organizing.  Every day she has little organizing tasks set for herself in addition to her regular housework.  Below are before and after photos of a bathroom cupboard.  Nothing here of interest to felines but she seemed to enjoy the results of all her fussing.

 Let's see how long this tidy shelf lasts!  No matter how much she organizes things she also has to do it again in a couple of months!  We felines wonder why she even bothers!

Well, folks, it's me, Winston again.   I think Mom should make a bit more effort to relax and enjoy her staycation instead of cleaning and organizing.  See me, Mom, I'm relaxed!  Doesn't it look fun! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Have fun with your Mummy. Oscar hope your vet's visit goes well.

  2. Your mom's staycation should be spent catering to your every whim, never mind the organizing. However, our human says if your mom gets bored (ha) to feel free and come and get things organized at our house. (Actually, she's fairly organized and tidy already...really.)

    Winter is receding centimeter by centimeter, not even inch by inch this year. There are shoots poking up in sheltered areas here too, but still plenty of big, dirty, crusty snowbanks and ice.

    BTW, re: claws into humans--guess what? Derry climbed up onto the human's lap last night and she ended up with scratches on her legs from his back claws...so...yikes!...she trimmed them! I (Nicki) would never let the human do that to me, but Derry the gullible was distracted by some cuddles and smooching during the process. Idiot brother.

  3. Human's note: Derry doesn't like having any of his claws clipped, but I can usually sneak one or two in at a time. LOL. As for Nicki, I get the techs to do front and back when he gets his anal glands done. I can do his front (one or two at a time), but not his back ones.

    And the boys send purrs to Oscar this afternoon for his appt, that there's nothing to be concerned about, just normal aging. Maybe some sort of supplement will help, if that's the case. Good luck!

    1. Hi there, I'm terrible at the claw trimming. I'm glad that the vet's office is able to do it!

  4. Your Mama is a lot like ours! She is always organizing too and then it all goes amuck.Who can say why?! Winston, you are such a beautiful boy! Oscar, we didn't know you were sixteen! You and Leo should form an Old Boys Club! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. We are glad our Mom isn't the only one! Oscar and Leo should form a club :)

  5. Glad you are enjoying your Mom's staycation :)
    Looks like things are getting done.
    That sort of thing does disturb your napping :/
    Our daffodils and daylilies were sprouting too, but are buried again under snow.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  6. Sounds like your mom's staycation is wonderful!
    Oscar, I hope the vet visit will go well.

    Oh, I agree live hurts sometimes. And it's worth the pain :-)

  7. Winston, you are a very elegant and sweet reason for Mommy to stay home!

  8. looks like a great staycation! Oscar, I am hoping that all is ok with your leg. Loved the part about "love hurts", just an over exuberant kitty is right!!!!

  9. Beautiful kitties, and how nice that you got to cuddle with Grandma!
    Hope Oscar will be just fine!

  10. Sweet Winston we really enjoyed reading your update. Seems all is going pretty well and you kitties are keeping tabs on everyone. We sure hope Oscar is going to be okay and nothing serious is going on with his leg. We enjoyed all the pictures...very nice. Hugs and nose kisses