Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm not coming out!

Hello, peoples and felines.  It's Oscar today.  This is me in my cat carrier in the vet's office.  I am NOT coming out.   Mom carried me to the vet on Tuesday afternoon.  I was good on the walk down even though there was lots of construction type racket.  But I am not coming out of this carrier.
This is me STILL not coming out.  Dr. B is going to look at my back leg to see why it's been giving me trouble.  It's hard for me to jump up to the bathroom counter and the bed like I used to....Whatever it is she is gonna do, I know I won't like it.  So this is me.  NOT coming out.  So There!
*sigh*  I gave it my best shot.  Dr. B. know how felines think.  First of all, she brushed me lots which I like...even though Mom already brushed me.  Then she snuggled me.  Then Dr. B. ruined it all by reminding Mom many times that I was .....  *old*.   She told me that I will 16 in a few weeks and that I have arthritis.  After more needles, poking, prodding, listening to my heart, claw trimmings, and something horrible called "expressing anal glands"    Mom was sent home with Cosequin for cats,  Tramadol-a pain reliever she rubs into my ear and special treats.  I hate the treats, by the way, it sat alone on the floor for hours before Mom finally gave up.  So, that was my visit to the vet.
I did get a catnip toy, though.   I love the nip!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I hear ya, Oscar. No fun getting 'mature'. Hope your meds help. Hugs

  2. We never want to come out of the carrier, either, once we're at the vet office. ::Shudder::

    Do you eat canned food? Your mom might be able to sneak some supplement into it, if it's tasteless, to help with the arthritis (not sure what form the Cosequin is).

    Purrs from us!

  3. Oh Oscar, I know how you feel. I've got arthritis in my hips and have to have medicine every day...we're getting on, you know.Best leave all the high jinks to the youngsters now.
    Pippa (14) from the REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  4. Oh Oscar, it seems like you had a stressful Tuesday. And you're not ahem, old. Remember that age is just a number! :-)

    I'm glad you at least got a toy in the end!!

  5. Poor you, hope the medicine helps. I have to take painkillers every day for my knee. Enjoy your new toy. Skipper

  6. Oh Oscar! It sounds like a bit of an exciting day! But now you will feel better. And you look very good (for any age!) so just ignore that vet's babbling! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Hoping those meds make you hurt less precious one! At least you got a toy out of the deal and lots of lovin'!

  8. Your momma loves you so much, Oscar! She wants you to have the bestest possible life, so sometimes that horrible vet has to examine you. Glad to hear it's just the usual suspects!

  9. Oh no. That all sounds completely awful. I'm very well acquainted with my V-E-T too! Even though she does yucky things to me, she is vewy nice. I hope your week improves. Take it easy Oscar.
    Charlie (another senior catizen)

  10. I am afraid Banjo is very disagreeable at the Vets and always has to be sedated. Hope you get feeling better soon!
    xo Catherine