Thursday, March 27, 2014

Staycation adventures

   Good morning felines and their humans.  Lucy here to report on Mom's staycation. 

She starts off with veggie pizza and a vanilla club soda.  Woo hoo, party girl!!
 She visits cute little cafes and stores.  Look at all these fancy jams.  She didn't buy any but she did pick up some carrot and nutmeg soup.
 She went to visit a local pioneer museum where they were making home baked goodies.  She didn't stay for the finished result. 
 It's a strange time of year--it's still cold and blustery but the snow is starting to melt.  Still the fresh air does her some good as she walks through the park.
 The geese were flying over the park's big pond.  The sky was a beautiful blue color!
 These cute heart shaped cookies were a temptation but she desisted and instead bought us a treat.  We knew our constant complaining and sad kitty eyes were not in vain!
She purchased a mouse for us!  Purrwowza!   Mouse doesn't stand a chance with us!  We are expert hunters and will defend our territory with all our teeth and claws!
 All that mouse hunting has exhausted Winston!  He decides to take a snooze and Mom thinks he is on to something....

She makes a mug of tea (in her favorite feline mug) with a slice of banana bread and decides to take a breather ....until next time.  Hope every feline and their human has a great week.


  1. Your mom sure knows how to enjoy her staycation!

    Our human says she think she'd have stayed for those homemade goodies at the pioneer village. LOL. And those lovely heart-shaped cookies--no way could she have resisted one.

    We're glad she bought YOU a treat, though!

  2. We are seeing lots of Geese coming home, too. Kitties are watching from the windows. Glad you are enjoying your holiday. There are always lots of things to do and see right in our own backyard. That veggie pizza...yum! Hugs to the kitties and you. Deb

  3. Mummy Janey wants that jam taste at all,she should be asking for a mouse like yours!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  4. There is still one pesky chunk of ice that hasn't melted, that's right where I stand next to the feeding station for my friendly ferals. When that it gone, I will THEN celebrate Spring! Maybe this weekend? My fingers are crossed. Winston's photo makes me too want to nap...

  5. Your Mama takes lovely photos! And she knows how to relax almost as well as kitties do! :) Enjoy your weekend.

    the critters in the cottage xo

    P.S. The snow and bridge photo is lovely.

  6. Now THAT is what we call a staycation! We are glad she's getting some nice relaxamicating in, and that you kitties are included in the fun. :)

  7. Awwww glad mum got her priorities right and got you treats above all else!! She totally deserves her banana bread!! Yay!! Take care

  8. I think that staycation sounds great! I'm gonna have a little talk with my peeps about it. They could have some fun and be back in time to give us dinner and maybe even bring us a toy. EXCELLENT!