Saturday, January 4, 2014

Listen to your Felines!

Pensive Lucy
 Mommy took me to the vet on New Year's Day to get weighed again.  The vet was pleased to see that I went up .2 pounds.  My last visit I had gone down just a bit-though the vet wasn't worried about that.  She said it's normal for weight to fluctuate a bit.  Mom said her heart felt a bit lighter.
Oscar takes charge
It's my turn now, Lucy.  It's been very cold here the past couple of days.  This has led to a few interesting situations of which I do NOT approve.  However, I try to make Mom's life easy and give her cuddles and purrs to help her out.

Intimidating Winston!

 The heat in our building's laundry room hasn't been working all winter.  Since it has been so cold--about -30 C-- it froze the pipes in there.   Mommy can't do laundry and since our apartment is right above the laundry room it's affected our kitchen water, too.  The super doesn't want to call anyone since it's the weekend and they charge too much.  I say if you let us kitties take control  we will put everything to rights again!   Roarrrr....
In the meantime, stay warm and listen to your felines. Have a good weekend, frail, feeble peoples and fellow felines.


  1. Way to go, Lucy!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx
    Pee Ess Winter SUCKS

  2. Dear Kitties, Batten down the hatches and encourage your humans to cuddle you to keep warm and possibly drink Gin instead of water!!

    Linda xx

  3. Ditto, way to go, Lucy!

    But hisses and scratches and a few biteys too, for your building owner--we blame him, not necessarily the superintendent. Paws crossed this gets fixed, pronto.

    P.S. If you don't want to drink gin, our human recommends vodka or rye. :-p

  4. The Furries of Whispy left a comment which our Mum accidently deleted. Good grief, Mom. Get your act together already.

    Oh my. That's really cold!
    Good job, Lucy! Keep it up. ;)

  5. brrrrrrr!!! Time to cook a roast in the oven (for the kitties, of course) and warm the kitchen up!

  6. I hope you have plenty of blankies to warm up!
    I agree, kitties should officially take control!

  7. hoping they resolve that for you soon! And...that is pawsome advice, ALWAYS listen to the felines! Love that ROAR!!

  8. Argh, frozen pipes! We are so lucky the pipes in our house don't freeze (they are in the heated basement.) WHen it happens with the barn pipe, it's a real pain.

    Kitties rule!