Friday, September 27, 2013

Mysterious Lucy

mysterious lucy by cherithsky
mysterious lucy, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.
The vet just called and said that she wants to try another antibiotic on Lucy. This one is more effective in treating her infection. The only trouble is it can make her sick. So --she is wondering if I can drop Lucy off at her "kitty clinic" over the weekend to get her started on the twice a day pills and monitor her reaction to it. I would be able to pick her up on Sunday with instructions on how to give her the antibiotic and the anti- nausea pills. Technically, I know this would be best for her as I need to be out and about for part of the weekend. The other part of me just wants her at home with me.


  1. This is always so difficult,but you know you'll do the best for your sweet girl.
    Jane x

    1. I'll be taking her in within the hour. Just keep telling myself that they are better equipped to deal with any tummy upsets etc that may occur.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sweet Lucy, we're sending good purr vibes that the new medicine will make you feel better. PURRS...

  3. Poor baby, hope she feels better real soon.

  4. Poor sweetheart. Purrs and purrayers from us. Our human understands the stress and even the frustration--it would be easier if we could communicate in the same language.


  5. Awww! Poor little sweetie!! Sending lots of good thoughts and best wishes that she gets feeling better soon!
    xo Catherine

  6. Awww I can understand you, and I'm sure Lucy agrees with you!
    But maybe if the new treatment is good for her...
    I am sending lots of purrs!

  7. My mum says she sends you a hug. She hates it when I'm not with her too. I'm sending Lucy big hugs and purrs that she gets better soon.
    Charlie xx

  8. Purring and purring for Lovely Lucy. I hope the medicine works and she starts eating soon. XOXOXOXOOX