Tuesday, September 24, 2013


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The vet told me I could take Lucy home today after work They were able to complete all the tests. Dr. B said that Lucy has a very bad urinary tract infection, possibly even a kidney infection. She thinks that is why Lucy is not eating/drinking like she used to. The vet gave Lucy an injection of antibiotics and asked me to bring her in next Monday for another needle. The trick now is to get her to eat. I have many sample of food to try from the vet's office but none seem to interest her. I've just finished brushing Lucy and giving her tiny between the ear kitty kisses. She is purring.
Purrs and prayers for her recovery are always appreciated.


  1. One of my cat-sitting client kitties was quite ill last month and would not eat. I had a chance to spend some time with him and so I watered down some of his food and put it into a syringe. I gave him little bits every few minutes with the syringe. It seemed to perk him up a little. I also gave him water that way. Then I put a bit of his food on each of his front paws while he was lying down. I did this a few times a day. He licked it all off. After two days of this he began to eat on his own. I think after not eating for awhile they feel so weak and just bits of food throughout the day gets them going again. Good luck with her. I do hope she begins to feel better soon. Hugs, Deb

    1. Good advice! Slightly warming the food makes it more palatable too.
      Get well soon sweet Lucy.
      Jane x

  2. Poor wee mite, positive vibes and purrs from across the pond!

  3. Poor baby, sending lots of purrs. Hope she is better real soon.

  4. purrs and prayers that she will be on the road to recovery soon

  5. We've been out of touch, didn't realize she was sick. Purrs and purrayers to her for speedy healing.

    RE: the UTI: PetAlive.com sells a product for pet urinary tract infections called UTI-Free. It's tiny granules you either put directly in their mouths (ha--good luck) or mix with water and syringe in (which I've done with Derry) or sprinkle on canned food, just a pinch twice a day. I do give Derry this every day because he's had bouts of idiopathic cystitis. I've been doing this now for over a year without further problems, knock on wood. There have been a few times he's seemed to be having a flare-up and that's when I mix the granules with a tiny bit of water to get them to dissolve, then syringe into him. It's worth a try, once Lucy's stabilized and feeling better.

    Amazon also carries it:



  6. Oh no. I hope Lucy will get better soon and for that she has to eat if even a little.
    The same happened with Milou earlier this year and he had to be fed through IV :-/
    Sometimes, what the humans have found out to work, to start with, is some tuna juice.
    We send lots of purrs for Lucy!

  7. Poor Lucy. We are purring and praying, and sending healing energy for you. Get better soon, sweet one.

  8. Hope Lucy starts eating soon. She is so beautiful!

  9. Hey! Nice to met you:-) I don't think I have met you before,have I? Well great to met ya' n' thanks for stoppin' by!

    Ragdoll mommy~