Saturday, November 14, 2020

Jingle Bells and Toe Beans


Good morning all.  This is Emily.  Do you see how fierce I am in this photo!  I am trying to catch the evil dangly critter!  Mom says I am a wonderful guardian kitty.
We don't know how it is where you live but here all the beautiful leaves are gone.  Well, almost all.  This photo was taken in the park.  Mom said she would go there and just soak in all the glowing colours.
This is me again, Emily.  Pondering why the Mom finds it necessary to pay so much attention to my pink toe beans AND my toe floof.  I suppose she isn't getting out as much these days so she has more time to tickle my toes.  (I love her but sometimes she can be unfathomable!)  
Normally, around this time of the year, after Remembrance Day, Mom starts to think of Christmas.  She says it is a bit more difficult this year.   So, instead of her tiny tree, I will put in this photo of Nordic Christmas trolls.  Winston and I wish that Mom would have bought one of these decorations at last year's Christmas market.  We would have had so much fun with them!  I mean look at the nose.  We could rip them off and pull out the beard....and...what, Mom?  Oh, enough of that.. Ahem ....sorry about that.
Another photo of the park less than a month ago!  Mom preferred to take her walks in the early morning!  The light was much prettier then.
Hi folks!  Winston kitty now.  I am enjoying Mom's book bag in here.  We hope everyone is managing.  I cope by taking a few extra naps.  Also, Emily and I like to get the zoomies.   Our favourite time to get the zoomies is when Mom gets home from work.  Then we crash into the corner and slide into Mom's leg.   Then we just rip off again and leave Mom to wonder what whirlwind hit her!  Wheee!!!

We will close with 2 quotes Mom found on Pinterest.  This first one is from CS Lewis.  Mom says she LOVED the Narnia series and read them several times when she was a little girl.  This quote is on the inside of our front door.  We think it has become her motto.
And this one made our Mom giggle.  
All of us wish you well.  Winston and Emily send your soothing purrs.
And if Mom continues on with our treats, food, cuddles, shelter, litter cleaning and toys.....etc WELL, we suppose we will let her admire or toe beans and toe floof  :)


  1. We're glad you're all managing, and continuing to get treats and cuddles; those are especially important!

    The biped usually starts to get jazzed for Christmas right after Remembrance Day too, but like your mom she's having a harder time mustering interest this year. It's a challenging time for all.

    Take care and stay safe and well. Purrs from Derry.

  2. I've been working remotely since March, so there has been some wonderful cat time! Now that it's getting cold, we are buttoning up the house, and it seems like a terrific time to get in some extra naps.

  3. Nice to see you both. Those are some mighty nice toe beans Emily. Those gnomes are cute. JCPenney has some similar ones if she is looking to get one. Have a nice week. XO

  4. Hi Emily and Winston! Treats and cuddles sure do help a lot during the pandemic, right?

  5. Winston, We also love zoomies. Especially at five o'clock in the morning.
    Emily, your toe beans are beautiful.

  6. We are getting colorful leaves this week. They'll all be gone in a week or two. The other day mom had to close our bedroom door to put an end to our crazy kitten zoomies at 12:30 in the morning. She said something about needing some sleep.

  7. Oh dear, that third photo down is just the sweetest!