Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Autumn Cozy

Hello from Winston!  We hope everyone is well.  Do you remember that I celebrated

                    my birthday last month?  Well, the Mom went to a pet store shortly after and went a 

                    tiny bit crazy.  She bought so many presents that she decided to put half aside for                                     Christmas! 

We are sorry to say that autumn seems to be making an early appearance this year.  It seems a couple of weeks ahead of time.  The nights and mornings are chilly but the days are warm.

Mom started to decorate for autumn.  She says that it cheers her up!  Goodness knows she could use a bit of cheering up this year!

Here I am enjoying a little snooze.  I think if you are a year older you should get a few extra naps!  I need to be fresh as a daisy if I want to wake Mom up at 4 am with the zoomies.
Purrs from Emily!  Mom said she went a tiny bit crazy with the toys because Winston turned 15!  The vet said that he doesn't look OR behave his age.  He acts and looks much younger!
I can vouch for Winston not acting his age!  Tee hee.  We had the zoomies last night.  We may have even crashed into Mom's leg.  She should know better and get OUT of OUR Way!
Mom took this leaf photo on her walk to work recently.  She likes sunshine through leaves.
Also please excuse Mom as she continues to try and figure out how to work the new blogger.  Her grumpy words are getting a tiny bit better.
We will close with this funny from Pinterest!
Purrs to you all.



  1. Hi Winston and Emily, it's great to see a post from you! We're glad everyone is well, zooming around and having fun. Full marks to your mom for getting you birthday AND Christmas presents!

    Yes, fall seems a bit early this year, 2 - 3 weeks. We hope that doesn't mean an early start to winter, but we'll just have to cope no matter what comes, weather-wise.

    Take care and stay well, especially right now with the surge in cases in the provinces.

    Purrs from Derry!

  2. Some of us are hoping that Summer comes back for an encore, but it's not like I have to worry about my work clothes, since working remotely means only to look professional from the shoulders up!

  3. I am glad he doesn't act his age. My Joanie and Sammy just turned 15 and luckily they act younger too. Nice to see you two cuties. XO

  4. We hope you enjoy all those prezzies! And the zoomies too. Humans also do Zoomies, it seems - but it seems to mean something else entirely for them (mol).
    Lovely pictures, as always.

  5. Happy purrthday Winston 0 even if we are late ! We are glad that you are doing well !