Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"King for a Day"

 Hello all!  Guess who had a birthday on September 2?  Yeah, that is right!  Me!  Winston Kitty! 
Guess who forgot my birthday again?  *** MOM***   She barely managed to save the day because Facebook reminded her.  Hmmpff...every year.   She really needs to organize her time better.
To make up for her lack of birthday presents, I was spoiled outrageously.   I received extra cat treats, brushes, lavish compliments and a promise of a lovely gift.

 Mom found this mug in Wal-Mart recently.  It makes her ridiculously happy.  She uses it for tea AND hot chocolate.
 Mom was told that to see a butterfly is a sign of hope for good change.  Mom sure hopes so.
 These are Mom's vacation socks.  She said she needs to get them ready for her 2-week vacation next month.  The app on her phone says there are 32 days left.  Well...it counts down the hours, minutes AND seconds too.

 Don't I look fearsome here?  See my vicious fangs.  Ignore the teeny teeth Mom thinks are cute. 
I will close with this cartoon from Pinterest.  I need more time to think about what Mom needs to get me for my B-Day! 
Wishing you all a great week!


  1. Happy Birthday, Winston dear! There is a store near my office, that I visit on my lunchbreak, and there is so much fun cat stuff there, that I'd spend all of my wages, and fill up the house, with cat stuff! I try to keep it to one small item each visit...LOL!

  2. Happy birthday, Winston! It sounds like you had a great day, even if your mom did forget to get you a present. She'll make it up to you, we're sure. :-)

    Happy unofficial start of fall to you all!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Winston! XO

  4. Happy Birthday Winston!!! Hope you had a great day. Sending hugs.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, dear Winston. Oh, and those socks are awesome!

  6. Happy Purrthday Winston ! And many more !

  7. OMC I feel awful that we missed your birthday! Happy Belated Winston! Mom still doesn't get your blog in her inbox, hence the reason we haven't been around, so many blogs stopped coming to us!