Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Long Weekend!

 Good morning from Emily!  I am feeling pretty chill in this photo.   My appointment at the vet had to be rescheduled because there is a feline virus going around.   I was supposed to get a needle but, for now, I am in the clear! Woohoo!
Speaking of which....we hope our Canadian friends had a lovely long Victoria Day weekend.   Mom was very excited about this in an exhausted sort of way!  She had to do boring stuff like cleaning and shopping.  However, she also managed to get in some walks in the park.
 A restful park bench.
 A swan swimming the park lake.
 Mom said this tortie feline exuded "catitude"!

Tired purrs from Winston.  Mom doesn't know if her allergies are exceptionally bad this year or if she is catching a cold.  What Emily and I do know is that she is sneezing more than usual.  Monster sneezes which hurt our delicate feline ears.

 Sneezes and watery eyes don't keep her from going on long walks, though.  Here is a beautiful Magnolia Tree.  There was another person, on a bike, also taking a photo at the same time!

 Strangely enough, it looks beautiful and sunny but it is very chilly.  We hope everyone has a great week!
We will close with this funny from Pinterest.


  1. My mommy makes gigantic sneezes this Spring too. I think she muttered something about the pollen finally catching up with her after all these yers free from allergy.
    I am so glad to have found you again; it has been too long.

  2. Wasn't it a gorgeous long weekend, at last? We're cooler today, but still, the sunshine is out, so no complaints here. Your mom was able to get great spring shots, and of course it's always fantastic to see you two!

    Our biped was busy over the weekend doing the usual long May weekend thing: painting. We ignored her, because she was NOT a happy camper while doing it! :-D

    Purrs to you all for a great rest-of-week.

  3. The temps around here go up and down, up and down...it's enough to make everyone sick!

  4. I hope you all have a great week too. I like that pie chart :)

  5. Poor babies, hope your mum feels better soon. Purrs from Flower and Patch.

  6. I am sure glad you are feeling better sweet Emily and I sure hope the all better finds Winston too.

  7. We are glad Emily is felling better. We hope Mom's allergies get better ... this has been a tough spring!