Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Traitor Felines! (yeah for us!)

 Good morning!  It's Emily cuddling next to Mom's leg this morning.  Mom said she needed to commemorate this cuddle session.  Mom is a real hoot, yes?!
 We hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Our Mom had a long weekend because of Easter.  Only she managed to stay busy the entire weekend.  Not all of the busy was work, though.  The person with jacket, and the blurred out face, is K.   Winston and I love K.   In fact, we both go running towards her when she stops by for a bit.   Our Mom was a tiny bit grumpy about this.  She said we are never THAT happy to see her.  She reminded us that :
she feeds us
cleans our litter
brushes our fur
gives us treats
give us toys
keeps us dry and warm
tries to give us cuddles
AND takes us to the vet (though in our books that is NOT a good thing)
However, K is always so happy to see us that she cries "tears of joy" and sniffles of happiness.   She even has to take something called "allergy" pill before we ask for cuddles.  Does our Mom do that?  NO!  K is the best in our books.
Plus it is fun to keep Mom on her toes.

 Mom, K and M all went out for an Easter morning brunch.   They went to a fancy hotel.  See the lovely fireplace?  Mom said she felt a bit awed there.
 Here is one of the desserts on the table.  Mom didn't eat this, though all of the food she did try was yummy!
 Hello now from Winston.  Yes, Emily and I love K.   At one point, she was giving us both scratches.  It is also true she cries "tears of joy" when she sees us.
Mom also had company on Monday.  Our Grandmum came to see us. 
 They went for a quiet, relaxing walk on a trail.
 There are some very pretty flowers out now.  Mom says this flower is a crocus...
 However, she is not sure what these flowers are called!
A few people asked why the police came knocking on our door almost a month ago.  Well, apparently they received a 911 call from our home.  Mom quickly checked her cell phone but it wasn't a "butt" dial.  The call came from our home phone.   It totally rattled Mom as she had been getting ready for work, wasn't dressed--mascara only on one eye--and refused to let them up when they buzzed.  She realized after that she gave the police a hard time.  In her defence, they didn't identify themselves and it wasn't until Mom asked for their names AND they buzzed for like, the 5th time, that she let them up.  So...we had a discombobulated MOM to deal with!   She has had the phone company over to fix the matter.  (she had been having troubles with her line)
So we hope every feline has a lovely week.  We will close with this funny from Pinterest.  Our Mom could use a chill pill!

Purrs from Winston and Emily


  1. Oh, it's so kind of K to take her pills for you, kitties! My bro-in-law is so allergic to cats, that just being next to me and the cat smells on my clothes will make him sneeze. I try very hard to wear fresh, non-catinated clothes when he visits.

  2. Sounds like your K is a great lady. Glad you all had a lovely weekend. Have a great week.

  3. I'd have had that dessert. Just sayin'.

    Anyway, it's lovely to see you both! What a nice weekend your mom had. Ours was cold and rainy and/or foggy, except for Monday. Well, that doesn't count as the weekend, does it.

    "K" sounds very special! Of course she would cry tears of "joy" over seeing you both, no matter how many times. :-P

    Your mom was smart not to let anyone claiming to be police up. Hopefully there's no next time, but if there ever is, ask for their badge numbers and call the police station to verify!

    Have a good week; take care!

  4. That is funny you are so excited to see K :) You should be sweet to your mom too, she is good to you. XO

  5. Taking allergy pills so as to be able to visit you is a sign of true devotion. And you are well worth it!
    As for those flowers your Mom doesn't recognise - Our Human is pretty sure they are wild irises.