Thursday, April 11, 2019

Flowers and Felines and Cool Socks

Good morning.  Winston here today.  We hope everyone is doing well.   The weather has been crazy in our area.  One day our Mom needs her coat and boots because it is so cold.
Then the next day the Mom is wishing she could get out her sandals!
Apparently this up and down of temperature is typical of spring weather.  Crazy pants stuff!

Sleepy hellos from Emily.  The Mom is having such an exciting couple of weeks!  Things like the police knocking on our front door!  (Honest, Mom, we are innocent!) to troubles with her phone company and leaking ceilings at work.  However, Winston and I like to remind to try and take things in stride.   We cuddle.  We nap extra so as to give her a good example!   Really, Winston and I probably deserve a little extra treat, don't you think?
Mom saw these socks recently at a store and wanted so badly to buy them.  However, she recalled that she didn't really "need" them.   (Temptations for us is a better idea!)   Though she did say if they were still at the store the next time she went there it was the universe trying to tell her she should purchase them. 
Here are some pretty flowers the Mom saw in a store.  She loved the colour!
Mom finally picked up my new kitty food which is for diabetic felines.   My blood sugar was actually done but our vet thought it was a good idea to take preventative steps.
We will close for now.  Wishing everybody a lovely week.
Purrs from Winston and Emily
PS-We have to show you this cartoon Mom found on Pinterest.  Happy Purrs!


  1. Wait, wait, WAIT! What is this about the popo knocking on the door? What was that all about, kitties?!? Manny is our only cat who will hold still when being hugged, but there is a time limit!!!

  2. Oh my, the Mom sure has had a wacky week, yes, why the knock on the door?

  3. Yeah, what was the deal with the knock on the door??!!

  4. P.S. Go for the socks. Life is short. Really short.

  5. WE agree that it was an eventful week at your place!
    The police? Were they lost? heehee
    We also agree with Kea...get the socks,hug your cats and enjoy a yummy treat. Life is short ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. Police knocking on the door- must have been the wrong door. Nice to see you cuties. XO

  7. Wow, how exciting. I think you and Emily should get extra treats! Have a great week.

  8. we're with Mom, if those socks are there when she returns she needs to get them! Love the flowers and that photo at the end is hilarious and true! We are having the same crazy weather! My Mom used to call this "pneumonia weather" xoxo