Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fur Nerds

Good morning.  Emily here.  I'm relaxing on the back of the sofa.  Our Mom had an entire weekend off!  She said it was great.   She didn't really relax, though.  Mom was out and about running errands.
 However, on her walks to the different stores, she did stop to smell the flowers.  Pretty hyacinths.  
 Golden forsythia.
 Mom has no idea what these tiny flowers are...though she thinks they are adorable.
 Good morning from Winston.  Someday I "may" have to cough up a furball on that camera.  A feline cannot get any sleep!  Also, Mom has found a ridiculous nickname for us  *fur nerd*
Like I said, there is a furball in Mom's future.  Possible inside of one of her new pairs of shoes.  Heehee!
 Magnolias blooming.
 We had a wicked, fierce windstorm etc on Thursday.  Lots of downed branches, some trees.   Mom said that road puddle was very big.  Good thing there were no pedestrians on the sidewalk.
 We recently had a full moon.  Mom says looking at the night sky can help her put things in perspective!
 Here is a quote from Pinterest.  We hope your humans are not quite so out there.  If only they would take more naps.

We will close with this (fuzzy) photo of Emily.  Look at her just flaunting her tummy fur.  Her grooming appointment is comig up soon.
Wishing you all a great week.
The fabulous fur nerds,
Winston and Emily


  1. You kitties are looking great. Have a great week.

  2. Emily by the looks of your picture, looks like you really enjoyed the weekend off. We agree with Pinterest. That we all should take more naps, but it will be hard to get as comfortable as Pinterest. Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals

  3. Hi you two, you both look great, floof and all. :-)

    Our biped loves that quote, she's seen it various places and has been known to quote it. She doesn't put her keys in the fridge (yet), but she's been known to do similar less than "amazing" things, some days. :-D

    It's lovely to see the flowers blooming now, isn't it? The magnolia trees outside the biped's building are *almost* in bloom. Another couple of days and they should be out. (Too bad the windows have never been cleaned, though--seriously. It would make snapping pics better, through the glass!)

    Have a great week, enjoy this glorious sunshine!

  4. Oh the lovely flowers! We are just starting to green up here, and mom bean says we'll get some rain later today. We've been getting lots more time in the sunny room which we truly appreciate.

    Mom says, too, that she loves the quote. She has come close to putting the keys in the fridge but catches herself before it happens.

    Your mom better watch out, because we think you probably make some spectacular hair balls Winston. :)

  5. You both look adorable but honestly, that tummy takes the catnip cake! And mom really loved that quote. She's sending it on to people already.

  6. It's nice to see that flowers are blooming in your neck of the woods! Lovely to see you two lovely fur nerds too :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Always good to stop and smell the flowers. You both look great, as always. I love that quote too :)

  8. Hi Winston and Emily. You two look marvelous, as always! We love that quote. And the flower piccies, too! :)