Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Good morning.  Emily here.  I'm loving the dining room table.  So many sunbeams to enjoy!
It has been nice to enjoy any sunbeams that come around.  It's been dreary.  Overcast skies.  I asked Mom to include this photo from last May.  Just so you could enjoy a bit of color!

Hi from Winston.  Mom caughtme napping in the window.  Both Emily and I enjoy the sunbeams.
Mom has been extra busy at work.  Yesterday she had another denstist visit.  The dentist told her she may need a root canal.   She was not thrilled to hear that.
Emily and I make sure to hand out extra cuddles!
We hope everyone has a great week.  Enjoy the sunbeams when you can find them!
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  1. Your poor mom! Let's hope all of you can enjoy all available sunbeams.

  2. Nice to see you, Emily and Winston; sorry to hear about root canal...ugh! WE are WAY below average for temps these days...*sigh*

  3. Your mom has our biped's sympathies re: a root canal. Been there, done that a couple of times. As long as she's well-frozen, it's okay. Our biped's molar had one or two extra roots, so that added to the "fun".

    The lilacs are lovely! We have a faint memory of them here. It might be June before we see any this year, by the way things are going temperature-wise.

    You guys take care and have a good rest-of-week!

  4. Enjoy the sun beams. I am sorry your mom needs root canal. I like that quote.

  5. Your poor Mum. Hope your kitties enjoy your sunshine!

  6. Emily and Winston will give extra cuddles for their mom. Hopefully the sun will be out so everybody can enjoy it. Thanks for the share.
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  7. We wish We could send you some of Our sunbeams, because We have plenty, although the last couple of days were overcast and on Tuesday, there was a lot of sky water. Why don't you teleport over and share Our sunbeams?

  8. Hi Emily and Winston, there sure hasn’t been too much sun to lay around in has there?
    Spring is coming, it’s just a little slow this year.
    I know you two try to lift your Mum up everyday, what good kitties!
    Take care everyone!