Monday, November 6, 2017


 Hello felines.  A short post this chilly Monday morning.  Do you like this photo of me, Emily, flirting shamelessly atop the forbidden (ha!) dining room table?  I've discovered that if you act cute you can get away with "some" things.
 The temperature here has fluctuated so much!   We went from 16 C to -2 C.  This may explain why our Mom is drinking tea for colds and dragging about her day.  Don't worry, though, as Winston and I are still energetic!   I'm enclosing this photo of a cute little reading nook at a library.  This isn't our library but a library in a small town.  Our Mom is so geeky that she insists on visiting libraries whenever she can.  Even if she can't get a card there.  Do you know what?  I think that chair could use a few cat scratch rips and a feline curled up on the seat.  Don't you think it would be so much cozier?
 Here is a cozy fireplace.   This fireplace is in the waiting area of Mom's wellness place.   Winston and I would LOVE a cozy fireplace!
 I'm enclosing this quote (from Pinterest) because you humans have this odd, destructive habit.  Sometimes you can be very hard on you?!  What gives?!   Generally speaking, Winston and I have a very healthy sense of self.   Of course, being so lovely, smart, brave and adorable helps.
 Can you see me hiding under the chair??  Poor Winston.  I think he was very confused.  Where is Emily?

 Mom is going to have some more tea.   No time for reading, though!  Maybe later.  Perhaps Winston and I will even keep her company.
Purrs to all from Winston and (chatty) Emily.
More wise quote from Pinterest!


  1. More wonderful quotes for the week. I read a good quote a couple of years ago, that if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now. I think the key is to learn to observe our thoughts--they're just thoughts, coming and going--and not attach to them. It's the attachment that brings our suffering, yes? Of course, I can't claim to practice non-attachment, at least not when in the middle of life cr*p. :-/

    Anyway, Emily and Winston it's great to see you. Emily, yes, you CAN get away with a lot when you put your looks to good use. Ha.

    Love the pic of you both, with Emily under the chair. I dunno...I suspect Winston knew you were there, Emily.

    BTW, that library nook is great. Only thing missing from my point of view is an ottoman for my feet. :-)

    Take care, sending Light, hoping all is working out for you. Peace.

  2. As much as I love libraries, I have to admit that I prefer to visit museums when I travel. Although, I think there is a list of libraries WITH CATS...maybe I should start visiting THOSE libraries!

  3. Oh yes, looking cute definitely works wonders. It's getting chillier here too, and Toby is having a hard time with his arthritis because of it.

  4. Emily, I think you have a perfect hiding spot under that chair. It must be fun to have Winston to play with.