Monday, September 11, 2017

Whispers of Autumn

 Hello.  It's Winston and Emily and we are going to interrupt our game of smacky  paws to tell you what we have been up to!
 Mom had a productive weekend.   Lots of chores, errands, and tidying.  On her walk to get groceries she saw this funny sign outside a bakery.   She said it made her smile.   (Mum didn't get anything from them, though)
 Emily and wondered if you noticed any signs of autumn?   The leaves are falling from the trees.
 The berries and the maple keys are heavy on the branches.
 Hi! It's me, Winston....are you dreading autumn.  Relax.  Enjoy this photo of me being fierce on top of the dresser!
 Can you make out this blue heron?  It was far off...Mom had to use a zoom lens.  Mom thought it looked like he was glaring at her.  SCARIFYING!  Not for us felines, though.
 Purrs from Miss Emily. I do enjoy a nice sip of water from the bathroom faucet.   We have also noticed that the nights are becoming cooler.   BRRRR.....Mom is going to want us to start sleeping on her toes to keep them warm.

We hope everyone has a lovely week.  Enjoy this late summer sunshine!
Winston and Emily


  1. Hi Winston and Emily, you both look wonderful! Your Mom has great willpower if she was able to pass by the bakery advertising cookies. I sure wouldn't be able to!
    It is starting to look like Fall. I love the cooler nights, great for sleeping.
    Lovely photo of the heron.
    Have a good week!

  2. Yep, fall is approaching definitely. And boy, you do look very fierce!

  3. I'm with Robin, I'd have been into that shop pronto, for a cookie...or two. :-D

    Looks like you've had a lovely week. We're seeing signs of fall here too, of course, but trying not to think about impending ::whispers:: winter. We'll just enjoy the lovely days now!

  4. The temps went down, but are going up again...yay! More Summer...that's what I want!

  5. Wow your leaves are changing early! I saw one tree here changing already too and that is SUPER EARLY! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. You are such cuties. I am not dreading autumn- I love it :)

  7. Mom bean says on the way home tonight she saw that a lot of the leaves have changed color. It seems to have happened overnight! We just hope the snow is far behind.

    Have a great week...and a good game of whappy paws :)