Monday, July 3, 2017

A Rainy Canada Day

 Good morning felines!  It's Emily and I'm enjoying a nice siesta on the table.  Actually, I'm keeping Mom company.  I'm a very thoughtful feline   :)    As you may know we recently celebrated Canada Day.  Mom was also excited to have three days off!
 She made good use of her time by taking long walks.  Mom said when she took this photo all she saw at first was the flag.  MOM!  There are two woofies in this photo.  What gives?!
 Mom did all her chores and errands on Friday.  She even had a nice evening by going out for supper with some friends AND then some shopping at Chapters!
 You have no idea how much Mom enjoys that sort of thing.  Do you think I look scary in this photo?  Cuz I'm really just having a nice yawn.
 Perhaps Mom overdid it because after Friday she felt a little under the weather.  So she took it easy.  She went on a walk.  Then got caught in a thunderstorm!   Tee hee.  She was pretty wet by the time she got home.  She forgot to look at the weather forecast and notice the severe thunderstorm warning!  Whoops.
Anyway,  here is a pretty rose.
 A few strawberries as a Canada Day treat!
 Ominous thunderheads......
 Gosh Emily!  You do love to yammer on.  It's my turn now!  I think I look very dashing and debonair in this photo!  Note my alert whiskers and big eyes.  If I'm not careful, Mom is going to want to kiss my nose.  Cheeky thing.
 Even though she took it easy on her last two days off she did still have some walks.  To the courtyard garden.
Some pretty day lilies.
The courtyard garden again
Once we had that one thunderstorm, though, things mostly cleared up!
We made sure Mom tried to relax by binge watching on netflix.
But today...the vacation is over.  WE are glad to get her out of our hair for a while!

We hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Winston and Emily


  1. LOL! The Hubby claims that I MAKE IT RAIN, because I get caught in it so often on my evening rambles. I even check the weather first, but that doesn't rains on me anyhow. I carry my cell, and think about calling for a ride, but then I push on and get home dripping. What's with that? Happy 150, Canada!

    1. Thanks for the Happy 150th!
      Our Mom doesn't feel nearly as silly now that she knows she isn't the only one to get drenched in a rain storm!
      Purrs very much for visiting.
      Winston, Emily and Mum.

  2. That courtyard garden is just lovely, so serene and secluded looking, at least in the photo. Wonderful spot.

    Emily, you DO look scary in that photo. That would be a good one for Hallowe'en. :-) And Winston, you do look so debonair and so very handsome.

    We're glad you all enjoyed the long weekend. There were lots of fireworks here, but though they kept the biped awake, they didn't seem to bother us a bit.

    Purrs and peace to you all.

    1. I adore that courtyard garden. The gates are not open all the time so I can only explore inside once in a while. I know it's silly but I feel so safe in nothing bad is allowed inside. That is pure nonsense, of course, but that is how it feels!
      Thanks for pumping up the furry one's self esteem :) They love it!
      Sorry to hear about the fireworks. I'm not over fond of them loud!
      Have a great week
      Maggie, Winston and Emily

  3. Happy belated Canada Day! We're glad mom got home, even though she got wet.

    Winston, you look furry dashing. And Emily, you look lovely!

    Have a great week efurrybody!!

    1. Hi Sasha, Sami & Saku,
      Thank you for your visit. We liked to laugh at our wet Mom...heehee
      Thanks for the compliments, too.
      Purrs to you all for a lovely week.

  4. We luff that scary/yawning picture of you. You should bring it out in October for a Halloween theme.

    1. Hello Whiskeratti,
      Thanks for saying I look scarifying. I'm going to remind Mom to post that photo again when it's closer to Halloween.
      Miss Emily

  5. Happy Belated Canada Day! Glad Mom enjoyed her time off!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. You could never look scary, you are too cute.

  7. Happy belated Canada Day! It looks as though your summer is going well! Tell your Mama that our Mama gets caught in the rain all the time! But then again, she does live in Vancouver,B.C. where it rains for ten months of the years ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Happy belated Canada Day, sweet pals. You both look wonderful, Emily and Winston. Big hugs!