Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Beautiful Sunday--Cats and Tea and Flowers!

 Hello!   I've been enjoying a day off after a physically and emotionally exhausting week.  It's nice to know that sometimes you can refocus and gain a clearer view of things after some sleep and down time.
Miss Emily always makes me smile.  She is fearful of plastic bags and a mighty huntress when it comes to bugs that send me scurrying to find a shoe to squash it!  Her appointment to be groomed and shaved has been moved up to this week.

I went for a long walk this morning.  I met this woofie at a small park enjoying a fountain  :)   He looked like such a sweet boy.

 I know some places are so dry that wild fires are burning out of control.  So...when it rains again I try to enjoy the positive things about the moistures.  All our plants and trees are so very green!

 I think this is a rose.  I love the soft pink color.
A small, man-made waterfall at the park.
 The Winston kitty posing with his cat food.   I'm so thankful I can mix his Cosequin in with this moist food and he will eat it.

 Nothing like a little toe tuft cleaning!  Thanks for taking care of it on the table, Emily!
photo from their website
I was happy to find another tea that I enjoy!  Turmeric Tea makes a loose leaf chai tea with, you guessed it, turmeric!  It's actually lovely and perfect for me as a wake-up tea!
 I've been thinking of Oscar kitty a lot this past week.  I miss my orange Timbit.   There is nothing to be done for it.  Just some days are harder than others.  Even when he was getting frail and forgetful he was the sweetest boy and would purr loudly when I gave him ear scritches. 
I'm so thankful for these two hooligans who keep life bearable with their silly antics and their sweetness!
This coming weekend will be a long one for me!  Hooray!
I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Have a great week. It's hard when they are gone.

  2. That's a really good quote. Even all these years later, sometimes grief over Chumley's loss, or Annie's, will overcome me. All we can do is ride out the waves. Hugs and purrs to you as you remember Oscar and ride your own wave of grief.

    Good luck to Emily this week, for her grooming/shaving. Chumley loved getting shaved, it was the brushing he minded.

    And good luck to YOU this week. I hope it's not as long-seeming and onerous as you're anticipating.

    Kim and the boys

  3. (((hugs))) I so understand. Your photos are lovely. catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. Kittehs, take good care of your mom. Don't hesitate to bring out the Purr Therapy.

  5. Beautiful photos. I am sorry Oscar is no longer with you, you was a handsome boy. I want to try that tea, I take a turmeric supplement daily.

  6. Oscar was such a sweetie! I have a soft spot for orange kitties. Out first cat Linus was a ginger tabby and lived to be almost 20. He died 14 yeas ago and I still miss him.
    Your quote at the end says it all.
    Take care.

  7. We miss Oscar too. And our mama misses so many of her babies but especially Mitalee now, who said good-bye to us very recently.
    Your photos are lovely as always :)

    the critters in the cottage xo