Monday, June 12, 2017

Winston and the Dog Days of Late Spring--How to Stay Chill

 Good Morning from Winston.  This is an older photo of me trying to stay cool.   Mom says it makes her smile every time she sees it!   Yes, it's very hot and humid out. The weather people have issued heat warnings and everything.
Besides the usual fans and a/c our Mom tries to make sure we stay comfortably cool.  She leaves out water.  Keeps the curtains closed.  She has even been known to gently wipe our fur with a cool, damp cloth.  Ha!  I would like to see her try that with Miss Emily!    What about you?  Does your human have any helpful hints to help us stay cool?

 This photo is from a walk home from work.   The sun is still out!  Mom says that is nice to NOT have to walk home in the dark.
 The purple Allium are blooming!
 Yes, it is me, Winston, again!  
 Mom at  the market.  She likes fresh herbs.  She was even thinking of maybe growing some herself.
 A beautiful tree .  Mom said she loves the sound of the wind rustling the leaves. is Emily!   I try to share our posts.  Not like Emily who sometimes hogs them!
 Emily performing a cooling, but convoluted, yoga pose.

Thanks for stopping by to visit us!   We hope everyone has a great week.
Winston and Emily


  1. Hi guys! Lovely to see you both! Our biped says her favourite snapshot is of the glorious Elder Tree. (Besides the pics of you two, of course.)

    This is our first year with air in the house, and we're looking forward to actually having it come on. The auto thermostat is set to 78 F during the day, though, and 76 F when the biped is home, so it hasn't yet had to come on. (Almost...the house is at 75.) Maybe today!

    Take care and have a good week, stay cool.

    1. Hello!
      I'm impressed you know the name of the tree! I just thought it was beautiful. I'm glad to hear you are set for the warmer weather.
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Losing AC is one of our mom's greatest fears for us, especially after my heat stroke. Now she doesn't just assume we will move when it gets hot outside. She pulls the drapes so it doesn't highlight the one chair.

  3. Hi Winston and Emily! We have the a/c at our house but it doesn't come on too often (yet) since the temps haven't got that high. Sasha and Saku love to spend time in the sunny room while Sami prefers to stay inside in the shade.

    Enjoy staying cool!

    Have a great week!

  4. We're lucky our AC vents are near the floor, so we sleep in front of them. We also have ceiling fans that are turned on year-round.

    We are slowly reconnecting with our friends since Mom Paula retired and hope to see you more often.

    Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula

  5. You kitties have a great week and keep cool. My human got me a really neat fan to keep me cool. :)

  6. it is way too early to be this warm, we are having the same heat, keep cool! Love the photos and love those flowers!

  7. Beautiful flowers and Mumsy loves that tree too. Sweet Winston you and sweet Emily are looking good and we hope that you can keep cool in all that heat and humidity. We lay on the AC vents here to keep cool. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. We love that photo of you in front of the fan too, Winston!

    We are getting more rain this June than sun here in Vancouver but we know the heat will arrive soon enough and then we will be wishing for rain!! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo