Monday, May 22, 2017

Holiday Monday

 Hello.   Can you tell it's me?  Emily?  I'm doing my flirty upside down look.   You are supposed to be distracted by my cute face and not notice I'm on the table.
 Mom was happy to be able to visit a beautiful garden this past week!   Lots of lilacs, dogwood
and more lilacs!'s Winston investigating Mom's tea cup.   Mom has been going on lots of visits and walks this past week.  It wasn't all just cleaning on her time off.  Remember when we mentioned she keeps seeing other cats.  Well, it hasn't stopped.
 Mom said this kitty, who I think looks a bit grumpy, actually started meowing at her and wanted to be cuddled.   *sigh*
 Mom also saw these ducks on a recent walk to the park.  There were six ducklings all together.   Emily and I were very intrigued. 
 I'm going to close with one more flower photo.   We hope everyone had a nice weekend.  If you are a Canadian kitty, we wish you a nice Victoria Day.   Emily doesn't like Victoria Day.  The sound of the fire crackers frighten her!

I'll close for now.  If Mom continues to talk to strange kitties I'm going to refuse to keep her toes warm!
Purrs to all,
Winston and Emily


  1. Hi Emily and Winston, so glad to hear your Mom had a lovely vacation week. All the flowers are so lovely now, you Mom took some great photos. Hope the fireworks didn't scare you too much Emily.
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Great photos. Hope that you all have a great week.

  3. Your mom has had a lovely week off, guys! If she's back to work today, we hope it goes smoothly. Our biped was NOT happy about the return to work this morning...but IS happy she has a decent job to go to. So, you have to take it all in stride. :-)

  4. Emily, we didn't notice where you definitely have your 'cute' turned up to 11! Just so you know; I visit all kinds of other cats while out and about. Must just be a human thing.

  5. Beautiful flower photos and of course you kitties are adorable.