Sunday, May 28, 2017

Catnip Tea?

 It's a lazy Sunday for me!   Mostly I've been enthroned on my my new scratching tower but sometimes I like to lie on the chair.  We hope everyone is well!   Are you enjoying spring?
Our daffodils are mostly gone now.  Mom thinks they are very cheerful.

 The tulips seem to be peaking though.  Our Mom likes the pink ones best.
 Recently Mom went out with a friend and she had such yummy scones.  It was a flavor she had never tried before: lime and coconut
 Greetings from Winston!  While Emily seems to enjoy flowers and scones, I tend to be more interested in the small furry creatures Mom sees on her walks.
For instance...these tiny ducklings!

 Or this bunny!   I'm a pretty fierce cat.   I think I could "tag" this bunny.
 We felines also continue to be spoiled by our Grandmum.   Here is another toy that Miss Pearl didn't like.   Another score for us!  It makes a wonderful racket!  There is a tiny blue ball that you can whap and it goes round in a circle.  It's the most fun to whap in the middle of the night.   Ooopss....sorry Mum!
 Sometimes our adorable feline antics might make the Mom feel a bit frazzled so she drinks a bit of tea.   Personally, I don't see why she finds it so relaxing!   I'm investigating and there is no catnip in here!  Emily and I find catnip very relaxing....

"Winston, you are crazy!"   People don't usually drink catnip!
We both hope everyone had a lovely week and an even nicer one to come.
Many purrs,
Winston and Emily


  1. You​ know, no nip might be why hoomins are so cranky! They should really indulge. Ps: that really is a beautiful teacup.

    1. You are right, Whiskeratti! A little nip and the Mum might not be so grumpity!
      Mom loves the teacup--it was a recent gift from a friend.
      Purrs for a great week!

  2. Winston, we must agree with Emily, humans don't drink catnip tea.
    We purr you two keep benefitting from toys Miss Pearl doesn't like.
    We have not seen any baby ducks yet, but we have seen baby groundhogs!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

    1. Georgia, Julie and JJ! Baby groundhogs! Mom thought that would be lovely...are they catchable? I only want to know for interests sake. So far Emily is only good at catching (and munching) on bugs! Mom says she draws the line there. Miss Pearl is spoiled. Apparently, she even has a crinkle tunnel with lights. We are hoping she gets tired of it soon.
      Purrs to you all,
      Winston and Emily

  3. Sounds like you are two luck kitty cats. Have a great week.

    1. Hi Crafting queen. We were very thankful for the new toy! We hope you have a great week, too :)
      Winston and Emily

  4. Ooh, another score with that toy! Winston, 'fess up, you're not really sorry for making a racket in the middle of the night, playing with it. :-D

    It's fun to see all the baby critters, isn't it? Too bad your mom couldn't bring a few home for you to "play" with. Heh heh.

  5. Hi Winston and Emily, looks like your Mom is enjoying Spring! The tulips have been so lovely this year.
    Hope you continue to enjoy your new toys, just maybe not in the middle of the night!
    Take care.

  6. Yes, Caren Gittleman's comment about is true...catnip is high in Vitamin C, and good for humans! It's also supposed to repel mosquitoes, and we are considering planting some in our yard, although I hear it can attract cats from blocks around...

  7. Winston, dood - our money is on you, not the bunny, for sure!
    And the mom here says those scones look AH-MAY-ZING. Lime and coconut = YUM!