Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Hi all.   Emily and Winston here.  We waited diligently for the Easter Bunny to make his appearance at our home!  Guess what?!  He did come...only we never saw him.

 That Easter bunny looks friendly but we think he must be a clever little dude.  How could he slip past us?
 We had an ice storm where we live.   Us felines were very thankful we didn't have to go outside!  The Mom person had to put on her yak tracks.   Well, her cheaper drug store version of them anyway.  Humans are not as graceful and coordinated as felines.   Poor humans.
 Emily now.  I'm getting ready to swat at the mousie on the pole.   I may look demure and fluffy but I can assure that I can be very fierce and determined!  

 See the pretty jelly beans!   Our Mom was good and didn't eat any of them .   She did nibble on one of the chocolate eggs though.
These birds were very happy!   Some kind soul threw out their crackers and the tiny sparrows were going crazy over all the crumbs!
 More ice store photos.  This big branch had crashed down in front of a house.  Thankfully, it seems to have missed the windows.
 It's me now, Oscar.   The Mom person took lots of pictures after the ice storm.  One of the things she saw on the Easter weekend, other than lots of ice, was this.....
 BUNNY!  I don't think that was by chance , do you?

We hope everybunny (hehe) had a great weekend@
Winston and Miss Emily


  1. What a great Easter weekend you all had! The weather last week was nasty, we're glad your human is smart enough to wear grips for her boots.

    BTW, we're very impressed your human only nibbled on one of those chocolate eggs. Ours would have scarfed all of them down right away. No jelly beans, though. :-D

    1. Hi Fuzy Tales-The Mom person tries to walk whenever she can and the grips help her to feel more secure. Of all the winter weather out here she dislikes freezing rain the most. One day she was crossing the street and all of a sudden she was on her bum in the middle of the road. She doesn't even remember falling! Ice sounds dangerous!
      We hope your human got some chocolate eggs!
      Purrs for the visit,
      Oscar,Winston and Emily

  2. We too think the Easter Bun is one slippery lil guy.

    1. Hi Whiskeratti!
      We are glad to know we are not the only ones to be suspicious!
      We hope you got some catnip Easter treats.
      the kitty brats

  3. I am sorry you had an ice storm. I hope you got some catnip eggs. Happy Belated Easter~

    1. Hi there,
      Today the ice is all gone and the sun is shining. Oscar kitty is purring in a sunbeam with Mom keeping a close eye on him!
      We hope you got an Easter treat. Happy Easter to you too!

  4. It's been more Wintery since it turned Spring! What's with that, kitties?

  5. oh wow! Wonder if that guy was related to the Easter Bunny? You know how Santa has elves? Maybe that Bunny was his assistant!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Wonderful photo of the hare! We hope you had a great Easter! Your Mama is very disciplined, ours would have eaten all the chocolate eggs and the jelly beans too! Hope all is well with all of you :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Sorry we're late, friends. Happy belated Easter!