Monday, March 21, 2016

Are you sure it's spring?

It's Monday already!   We felines are not ready for it.   Our Mom person, well, too bad for her if she is not ready for it!   We are content to just stay snuggled on the back of the sofa.
Last week it rained almost all week.   We thought that was pretty nice weather for relaxing, too!   This week is another story.  The wind picked up, the temperature dropped and there is even a bit of the white stuff on the ground.   Mom says March is like that...very changeable.   Perhaps that is why she is out of sorts these days?
Emily here!   Purrs.   I did try to make her feel better by sleeping next to her feet and then head nudging  her did make her smile!  
We felines are guessing that humans everywhere are feeling the end of winter grumpies!   What?  It's spring already!   Well you could have fooled us.
I'm sure spring will come....just be patient....
take naps, treat yourself to a little something
and don't forget to hug your felines.
Purrs for a good week.
and Emily


  1. That is such a sweet napping picture of all of you. Happy chilly spring to you.

  2. Hi guys, it's nice to see you all! We're expecting a significant snowfall Thursday, so yeah, we're a bit disgruntled about that. But soon enough spring will be here for real. In the meantime, napping is a good way to spend the days!

  3. Yes, the calendar says that it's spring, but the weather is still yelling, "WINTER!"

  4. We had spring here yesterday - we spent time in our sunny room enjoying the warms. It's been snowing since after mom bean came home from chasing green papers. We guess spring was furry short this year.

    Enjoy the snuggling and the napping.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. The calendar might say Spring, but Mother Nature has other ideas! In Michigan, it's never REALLY Spring til mid May :)

  6. Who could be grumpy seeing your adorable faces?

  7. It was nice for a few days and now it is back like winter time. Chancy and me are like you all we just snuggle up in our blankies and nap, but Mumsy wants it to warm and stay warm so she can get her plants in the ground and make our yard look nice. Keep enjoying the snuggling and naps and spring weather will be here eventually. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. We sure hope Spring REALLY comes to your house real soon.

  9. We are all looking forward to spring, that's for sure xx