Monday, October 12, 2015

Thankful Felines

 Hello.   Winston kitty here.   Wishing all our Canadian friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.   I'm thankful for naps, by the way! 
Our Mom is slowly getting over her flu and is hoping her second week of vacation is a bit nicer than the first week.   She did venture out to the scone store.  They had a very pretty tea pot on display.   Our Mom has a thing for tea pots.   She is a wild thing, is our Mom.  *snort*
 She liked the pretty color and flowers on this one.
She purchased some scones for the vet and her technicians.   Personally, I don't think they deserve anything!  All that poking and prodding and undignified grooming.   I would blush if I didn't know that I, Winston kitty ,  am never at fault!   Nevertheless, the Mom bought them some pumpkin spice and vanilla scones....*and maybe one for her, eh, Mom!*
 Hi all, Emily here, and like Winston, I am most thankful for my naps!  One of the other things Mom did between coughing and her own marathon nap sessions last week was take walks in the park.  The autumn colors are a bit later than usual this year but she still enjoyed the meandering paths and the brisk air.  She said the air even helped her breathing a little!
 The leaves are really starting to come in now...more so than since this photo was taken.   Another thing Mom did was have a visitor.  They went out and did boring shopping (that means NOTHING for us) and then they rested with a warm beverage.   Mom tried the pumpkin tea latte.
 She said it was the most delicious warm beverage she has had in quite some time.   Perhaps the cream and  cinnamon had some medicinal qualities?
Even though Halloween is a couple of weeks away there are several porches already decorated.   Mom liked the pumpkins on this porch.
 Purrs from Oscar.   I'm thankful the Mom is home because she gets to pick me up many times throughout the day and put me on the back of the sofa.   I'm glad because I can't always jump that high with my gimpy back legs.  
 Yes, the Emily kitty was right about the leaves.   They are behind from last year in changing color but even from one day to the next there are more glowing leaves on the trees.

Mom even managed to catch some geese in flight!   We felines would have loved to have seen that.   Hoping you all have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!
the kitty brats


  1. Have a great day kitties and hope your Mom gets better soon.

  2. the area you live in is like a storybook. So beautiful and quaint! That was so sweet to get the Vet and technicians something delicious! We do at the holidays but we need to do it more, I know they deeply appreciate it!
    Hoping your flu is completely gone soon!
    Happy Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh my Ceiling Cat, your Mom is REWARDING your Stabby Place meanies? Wow! The cheek of it all !

  4. A friend had the flu, sounds a lot like yours! Took awhile for it to let go, but it finally did. Glad to see Oscar; he's a handsome mancat! Not to take anything away from Winston and Emily, and their floofy goodness.

  5. We're glad your mom is feeling better, well enough to be out and about again. Though, really, never mind goodies for vet clinic staff...sheesh. It's you kitties that need treats!

  6. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! That is a beautiful teapot. I am glad your Mom is feeling better.

  7. Glad Mum is feeling better. We give the vetty peeps treats at Christmas only, just in case they think they are going to get a treat each time we see them ...they may start making stuff up about us,so we visit more often!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  8. Happy belated Thanksgiving efurrybody! We is thankful for naps too, MOL

    Glad to hear your mom bean is feeling better.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku