Monday, August 10, 2015

Walks and Vet visits

Hello all,  Winston here to give a quick post.  This is a photo of me trying to convince Mom that I need more food.   I KNOW there are two bowls of food already but I like her to make up another bowl just for me.   *sigh*  Some days it takes some convincing.
The Mom took a very long walk on Saturday and saw lots of cool stuff these pretty flowers...
She also saw this cheeky chippy.  She said that the little guy stood so still that she was beginning to think he wasn't real!   I wouldn't have been fooled.
Mom took Oscar for his fourth shot of Convenia this morning.  She is still waiting to hear if he needs another shot next Monday.   The Mom was quiet when she brought Oscar home.  He lost a bit more weight again down to 8.6 from 8.9.   She tries to make him comfy all the time with soft blankets, towels and her own personal heat pack.   At night, just before she goes to bed, she tried to cuddle with Oscar.   He used to sleep by her head every night but his arthritis doesn't allow for that any more.   So Mom tries to make up for it by cuddle sessions in the evening.  On Saturday Oscar cuddled with Mom so long that she got stiff but she didn't want to move as he seemed so comfy.

I will close with this photo.  Mom saw it in someone's garden on one of her walks.   Don't forget to love your felines today.
the Winston kitty


  1. Oh, I'm sending you a big hug today. I know how this feels, really feels, as we try to make Kane's life comfortable in his old age. Oscar is so lucky to have someone who loves him so much. Deb

  2. We can't understand why your human doesn't take the hint re: more food, Winston.

    She saw lots of great things on her walk, though!

    Continued purrs to Oscar. Are there no other options besides Convenia? It's very controversial and originally was intended for skin problems. We also thought it was a two-week thing, not a weekly thing. (It used to last 2 weeks, anyway.) Good luck and paws crossed all round.

    Purrs and peace.

  3. Sending hugs and purrs to Oscar kitty. Winston hope that adorable eyes worked. :)

  4. Sending all kinds of purrs and hugs to Oscar! I'm thinking that nightly hug makes him feel really good! That chippy sure has attitude, and Winston, you are so cute that I'd give you more food, for sure.

    1. I was just reading about the Assisi Pain Relief Loop...I don't know if a veterinarian has to apply it, but I was thinking about Oscar so I've adding this post.

  5. Pawhugs to you and Oscar. Toby especially is starting to feel the effects of arthritis.

  6. Winston pal, I feel your pain. i've been on a diet and M doesn't feed me enough (according to me). According to M I get plenty to eat. We'll be purring for Oscar so that he gets better. M can relate to your mom's arthritis - M has it bad too and sitting iin an office chair typing is not good for her. It also kicks in rotator cuff problems (which is also full of arthritis.) I think our humans need a body over haul! he he

  7. Sending hugs to sweet Oscar...and Winston,stop trying to hypnotise with those eyes!!
    Jane x

  8. Good luck Winston :)
    WE send big purrs to Oscar.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. We is sending big purrs for Oscar. Our bean grandpa used to say, getting old ain't for sissies and that is true for kitties too.

    We hopes you get the foods you want too Winston!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. sending purrs and love to you and Oscar. I LOVE the photo of the "chippy" so adorable!

  11. I have been praying for Oscar. You look adorable Winston.

  12. Sending all kinds of purrs, gentle headbutts and prayers to Oscar. We feel your pain. Hope your day goes well.

  13. Silver and Riley send their purrs and gentle thoughts to Oscar - they are sure he appreciates the extra effort you make to keep him comfortable. "meows" to everyone. PS Riley would like to chase that chippy!

  14. Hoping Oscar starts feeling better real soon. When Nico and Renato were very ill I kept them warm by putting a heating pad under them (on low), it helped a lot. Best of luck..

  15. When my Sasha was quite ill and I knew she wouldn't make it much longer, I would lie on the bed and hold her against my chest. She would rouse a little. That was just before I had her fly off to the Bridge.
    We have a little flower garden in a heart shape by one side of our building.