Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally....birthday presents!

 Good morning all.  It's Oscar here to tell you Mom finally got around to purchasing my long-promised birthday present---the fancy water bowl in a high stand.   Ta Da....
 The stand is metal and since it is higher than my regular water bowl it is easier for me to drink water from it.   Since Mom finally delivered on her promise to buy me a prezzie I though I should allow her to take a walk in the park....
 She went early in the morning, about 8, and saw lots of lovely flowers and budding trees.   These walks often put her into a more serene state of mind.
Finally, not only did she buy me a water bowl but she purchased us all a new cardboard scratcher.   Winston liked it right away and stood guard over it.  In fact, when Emily tried to use it, Winston hissed at her and swatted at her with his paw.  However,  even the Winston kitty needs to use the litter box, guard his territory and take a nap on the bed so when he did....

Miss Emily immediately went to it and had a grand time sharpening her claws.
Purrs to everybody for a great week!


  1. Oscar, what a wonderful b'day gift! Very nice water bowl, to be sure. I purchased a new horizontal scratcher recently too, and Angel was on it in a second! Chuck prefers vertical scratching, so he pretty much has the sisal-wrapped carpet tube all to himself.

  2. Your mom did good with the presents, even if she was late! :-D

  3. That sure is a fancy schmancy water bowl! I guess Mom deserved her walk in the park for that.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  4. We love your high-rise watering hole! Mommy wonders how Kona would like one like that.

    1. Oscar ignored the new bowl at first but then, after a few days, seemed to enjoy drinking out of it. We think it is easier for him to drink from the higher level.
      Purrs to Kona kitty.

  5. glad to see your Mom finally got her act together! Great bowl!

  6. Winston & Emily, we're with you - we have the same one and we LOOOVE it!